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12 June 2019

Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit & International Convention centre

Join and think about IBM!

Welcome to IBM South Africa’s flagship conference where over 1,000 C-level executives, IT managers, architects and practitioners gather to make the world of business work smarter. It’s where experts in Infrastructure, Cloud, AI, Data and Security convene amid meaningful communities, illuminating activations and inspiring activities.

It’s an opportunity to sharpen your skills. Get hands-on experience with the latest technology. Extend your professional network into one of the world's most celebrated communities of technologists and thought leaders. And have some fun while you're at it.

Expand your skill set with inspiring sessions

Think's educational opportunities will give you the latest tools and solutions you need to improve and scale your business. Through thought leadership sessions, think tanks and labs, you'll take deep dives into AI, cloud, data, security, and other emerging technologies

This is probably the best event experience we had going to a technology event in South Africa

Fantastic day! Well done to the speakers and organisers. Great interactions and learning for me personally. Thank you!

Brilliant and inspiring messages. Super excited to see these technologies of the future today. Fantastic.

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Today’s #ThinkJohannesburg event by @IBM_SouthAfrica resonated this spirit for me, particularly because it was free for most to attend. (Yet felt VIP.) The guestlist on the app showed many competing organisations sat side by side learning about humanity+tech together.

Today at IBM's #ThinkJohannesburg 2018 conference. It was interesting, mind blowing in some respects. It was great to feel part of 'the industry' again ; missing it...

Such relevant brilliance in @maletsabisam's talk. Amazing! Absolutely inspiring... She and her research colleagues are embodying African indescribable magnificence #ThinkJohannesburg #IBMRESEARCHAFRICA

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Join us on June 12th, 2019 at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit & International Convention centre, South Africa

Security as a Business enabler needs strategy
As a German multinational – a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems transforms clients’ ICT landscape to a secure, cost effective and scalable ICT environment.

With 151 million mobile subscribers, 30 million fixed-network lines and 17 million broadband lines, Deutsche Telekom is doing everything it can to protect its own ICT systems and networks, that’s why they have established the new “Telekom Security” business unit under the umbrella of T-Systems.

As an end-to-end ICT provider T-Systems has vast experience in securing all aspects of infrastructure and applications. With local ISO27000 certification, and numerous local vendor security certifications, T-Systems South Africa is a powerful and credible security partner for your business.

T-Systems South Africa has a long track record of security and providing 24x7x365 Security Operation Centre (SOC) services – the only SOC in the country.

The world is changing rapidly. Whether it’s your health, finances or lifestyle, it will leave you behind if you don’t stay ahead of it. Clients today are looking for that competitive edge that will enable them to not only solve current challenges, but leap frog them into the way of the future, into the cognitive era.

To drive business their agendas and strategies, clients are looking for a partner provide thought leadership and guidance on this journey.

Built on specific Specialties and Competencies that encompass the way of the future, BCX, an IBM Platinum partner, is in a prime position to help their clients’ journey to the digital era. With the successful merger of Telco giant Telkom, BCX is well poised to provide and deliver end to end cognitive solutions to their clients thereby affirming their role as a trusted advisor in today market place.

BCX …. Meet your future today.

EOH is the largest ICT services organisation in Africa and provides technology (including IBM Systems, Information Management and IBM Analytics), knowledge services, and end-to-end solutions to medium and large enterprises.
EOH ICT combines state-of-the-art, digital technology with industry best practice to enable operations, facilities, and infrastructures that are efficient, smart and safe. To this end, EOH assists in building digital businesses by providing solutions, consultants and services based on five pillars: Cloud solutions, digital solutions, business by design, big data, and smart cities.
EOH isn’t just built on technology; EOH is built on people and culture. Our global presence ensures that we understand customers' unique business objectives and challenges, and are able to partner with them to not only provide the technology, but also the knowledge, skills and organisational ability critical to success and growth.

Wipro and IBM have Global Partnership that spans more 20 years and a formal alliance for more than 13 years.  As part of our mutually significant and strategic partnership, Wipro and IBM have co-developed compelling solutions that solve complex client challenges around the World.  In recognition of these efforts, our Data Discovery Platform (DDP) was named a Finalist Winner of a 2017 IBM Beacon Award.  We are continually innovating in areas such as Cognitive Computing, Analytics, Cloud Application and Infrastructure, Mainframe, Security, Enterprise Asset Management, Commerce, Business Process Management, Enterprise Business Integrations, Internet of Things, and more. Our strong Partnership coupled with our deep industry and IBM domain expertise has made Wipro a partner of choice for many global organizations who use IBM technology and solutions as an enabler for their business.

mySolutions is a Gold IBM Business Partner and consists of a dynamic team of dedicated professionals committed to delivering high level Business Solutions and quality service. Our aim is to deliver unparalleled solutions aimed at assisting business to continuously improve their business processes. mySolutions specialises in Social Collaboration Solutions, IBM Kenexa Talent Management Solutions for HR as well as the IBM OpenPages Governance, Risk and Compliance Solution. Our extensive experience in providing solutions for business makes our team of highly skilled professionals one of the knowledgeable and eligible players in this field.

BITanium is a proudly South African company. We expose the power of data to make our customers more competitive.

We believe that data is the last remaining competitive differentiator – how you treat it, keep it and use it defines the difference between mediocrity and success. We help our customers transform their data from its raw state into a finished, valuable and actionable product. This is achieved through data storage, analysis, visualization and deployment solutions. The insight produced enables intelligent business decisions that make the difference between remarkable and average.

Each of our offerings encompasses a combination of technology, effective processes and skilled people to ensure that our customers rapidly achieve real measurable returns.

As IBM Worldwide Data Warehousing Business Partner of the year for 2016 and IBM South Africa Software Top Partner for 2016, we are proud of the value we bring to the local IBM customer community.

Datacentrix is an ICT solutions provider that uses leading technologies to deliver sustainable value to corporate and public sector organisations predominantly in South Africa. The Group has maintained its approach to strategically partner with its customers, equipping them with valuable insight and helping them to align their technology undertakings with their business strategy. Datacentrix has the expertise to assist customers in navigating the ever-changing IT landscape. It offers a holistic value proposition by delivering complex integrations between technologies that help safeguard customer relevance and competitiveness into the future.
As an Alviva Holdings Group company, Datacentrix has access to an extended solution set, positioning the Group uniquely amongst its peers by eliminating the need to source alternative vendors or solutions in non-core areas. This move to becoming a more comprehensive technology solutions provider makes the Group more cohesive, more reliable and a stronger IT partner. 
Datacentrix’ mature offerings; its national footprint; and proven execution capability reinforce its position as one of the top ICT players in the local market.

QBIT is a niche business consultancy that specialises in enhancing business performance by implementing integrated solutions which are based on a deep understanding of the relationship between an organisation, its work and its people.
Founded 13 years ago, our core business philosophy, which has remained unchanged, is that organisations should be designed and built around work first, and only then linked to people. Understanding what work is done, and how it should be structured, lies at the heart of designing and building a systemically integrated organisation, work and people data architecture.

Grapevine is a leading provider of digital communications solutions. We help large organisations build and deliver curated omnichannel customer experiences that flows seamlessly across channels (Email, Mobile Push, SMS & USSD) and devices. A Tier-1 Wireless Application Service Provider with a 16-year track record of serving over 400 large brands and businesses in South Africa, Grapevine delivers over 2 billion digital touchpoints per year. We are an IBM Business Partner for Watson Campaign Automation and provide a team of highly skilled professionals to execute, manage and monitor your email marketing campaigns and marketing automation programs on your behalf, and support and train your teams to do this work themselves.

Rogerwilco is a multi award-winning South African advertising agency with a particular focus on performance-driven digital marketing.
Applying its Think, Craft, Elevate process, the company provides strategic advice marketing to brands and NPOs, build platforms and creates engaging content, and uses a variety of tactics to surface this content in front of targeted audiences to deliver defined marketing outcomes.
Rogerwilco is best known for its work in search, content marketing, data and campaign automation. It is an IBM Watson Customer Engagement partner, a Google partner and Acquia’s preferred partner in Southern Africa

We are all about content and making it valuable and useful for your organization.

When content is moving, it is either Outgoing - created by the organization as a statement, letter or report; or it is Incoming – an application form, letter, claim form, a remittance.

Thereafter, there’s Work Management, where content is used in a business process, a team is collaborating on a project, a customer service representative is answering a question, or a field worker utilizes a Mobile Application. And throughout, there are governance requirements. Content has to be secure, documents must be retained according to regulations, and sensitive information protected.

Finally, content must be stored in a secure location, untouched by anyone, to form a trusted data source where companies can show regulators that they have pure unadulterated data.

Come talk to us at Think 2018 and let us help you start your journey to digital transformation.

Performanta offers independent cyber security services, providing a consultative approach to people, process and technology, focusing on security projects in line with adversarial, accidental and environmental business risk. We believe good security is bespoke security and we recognise that technology is only one part of the solution. To understand your full business risk profile, you need to take a step back from technology. By combining offensive and defensive security you gain visibility of your security posture, allowing you to be in control. Let us take you on the journey from AWARE to SECURE to SAFE.

Ocular Technologies is a specialist Customer Engagement and Digital Experience solutions provider, with a unique set of individuals that are experts in understanding, managing, and ultimately ensuring, an optimal customer experience. With a vision of being regarded as an internationally respected leader in the customer engagement market, we strive to have our customers appear as heroes in the eyes of their customers.

With over 13 years’ experience in the customer contact life-cycle space, the team at Ocular creates quantifiable business impact through Intelligent Interaction Management, Robotic Process Automation, Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Analysis & Design.

Drawing from a focused selection of best-of-breed technologies and methodologies, Ocular is uniquely positioned to offer everything from strategy and planning, through implementation and delivery, all the way to enablement and operations. As a 100% Black-owned, Level 1 BBBEE contributor, Ocular has the added advantage of offering a Preferential Procurement level of 135%.


OneConnect is an innovative provider of turnkey ICT solutions.

We are proud of our Innovative Solutions and products complemented with the experience and capability to offer after sales service and support on an on-going basis. OneConnect’s core business focuses on Service Excellence, while our Value-Added Product offerings provide a platform for a single integrated Technology Solution.

At OneConnect we believe in Turning Technology into Business Solutions. Our Business Solutions include:
1. LIMS Analytics: Bringing Smart to your Labs
2. Blockchain: Improved Customer Experience, and Cross Border Payment
3. Real-time Risk Management: Real-time Risk, Compliance and Processes with key Controls
4. Managed Services: Systems Integration and Business Process Management

As an IBM Business Partner, we leverage IBM Technology to provide high-end solutions. Visit our stand to experience live Demo of exciting Blockchain Solutions we have developed using HyperLedger Fabric.