UK Corporate Citizenship

IBM has a long standing history of supporting and empowering local communities through its corporate responsibility strategy and a variety of focused programmes. We use our technology and business skills innovatively to make a difference and improve quality of life for communities. We focus on regions of the UK that are in close proximity to an IBM office and those that are disadvantaged through strategic, long term programmes that use IBM employee’s time, skills and expertise.

We concentrate on providing support to the education and not for profit sectors. Below are key priorities – although this is not an exhaustive list.



World community grid.

Anyone can support this programme - which harnesses spare computing power from people’s computers/smartphones/tablets and donates it directly to humanitarian research projects around the world. It does this by distributing millions of small data-based computer-based experiments to thousands of people’s devices. It gathers the results and sends them back to researchers, who analyse the data for patterns, getting them closer to those world-changing results - faster.

Find out more or get started today by signing up here and downloading a free, small software agent (similar to a screensaver) onto your PC/laptop. We’d also love you to spread the word with friends, family and colleagues.

Overview of IBM's Approach to Corporate Responsibility

IBM Robo Challenge 2014

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