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Our e-Invoicing option is designed to help simplify doing business with IBM.
It allows IT systems to receive electronic invoices for purchased IBM products and services, including:

How it works

No matter what your existing supplier network is (Ariba, Quadrem, Hubwoo, OB10 and others*) IBM e-Invoicing integrates with it, because it employs open industry standards.
It also supports several message formats, including cXML, RosettaNet, EDIFACT, EDI X12, xCBL), as well as multiple transport mechanisms (https, VAN) with and without digital signatures.

For further details download:

*Note: enabled supplier networks vary by country

How you benefit

How to get there

Our electronic invoicing experts will work with you to understand your business and technical requirements, evaluate them against IBM’s capabilities, and develop a comprehensive e-Invoicing solution.

Please use one of the contact options available in the “We’re here to help” section on this page.

We're here to help

Or call us at: 1800 629 135
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For technical inquiries please call 131-426 or
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