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Enhanced Technical Support – 2011 Edition

Maximise the availability of your business-critical IT environment

Today, smarter infrastructure dramatically optimize IT services, but they may become quite complex.
Advanced technologies, such as virtualization and provisioning, and new computing models, such as cloud, may introduce new exposure and risk.

Because business processes increasingly depend on IT to deliver greater value and competitive advantage, the risk of downtime is a serious threat and the repercussions can extend beyond your company and impact your clients and business partners.

Many IT organizations simply put out fires as they occur, without thinking about how to prevent them on the first place. But this reactive approach can be costly: aside from a financial loss and cost of unexpected downtime, the damage done to a company's reputation and customer relationships can be crippler.

Enhanced Technical Support "2011 Edition" takes a proactive, comprehensive, and broadly integrated approach to hardware, software, and multi-vendor environments, to offer a new way to quickly save time and money, and improve your IT systems availability.

Potential benefits include:

Offering details

Designated technical team for your organization

Automated analytical tools and processes

Committed response time

Critical situation management

Integrated, cross-brand and cross-platform support