Cognitive fashion is here.

See how Marchesa + IBM Watson created a fashion first for the 2016 Met Gala.

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Data is Fashionable!

How can you capitalise on the opportunities that social technologies are bringing to the fashion industry?

Which Is the preferred channel for fashion

Fashion brands must understand how to use the vast quantities of data from social channels to engage and interact with consumers in a better way!

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Data Is Fasionable

Find out more about the relationship between twenty fashion brands and their audiences, to help guide fashion companies who want to do more with social data.

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The days of omnichannel and bricks are over. Consumers don’t think of ‘channel’, they simply shop!

Cognitive computing bas the potentioal to radically change the retail industry

The Consumer is the Channel: Infusing cognitive capabilities to engage and differentiate now and in the future

an IBM Point of View


In today's digitally-enabled world, fashion brands and retailers must quickly collect, analyse and act on information across every point of consumer interaction, to drive deeper understanding, better engagement and to set themselves apart from their competitors. Cognitive computing from IBM understands virtually all types of data, and it reasons and learns over time, letting you turn insight into action. Fashion companies can use cognitive computing to differentiate themselves with consumers and throughout the value chain.

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Featured fashion case studies


Used Analytics to increase customer loyalty with highly targeted marketing campaigns across channels at scale.

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Elie Tahari

Used Analytics to predict customer orders 4 months in advance with 97% accuracy.

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Insights for fashion retailers from IBM’s 2016 Customer Experience Index (CEI)

Watch the video: “The IBM 2016 Global CEI: Tailor-made insights for apparel”

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