As organizations battle multiplying complex threats to their data and sensitive information, they are forced to face an unsettling fact: in many cases, the threat originates from the inside, through a trusted user. These attacks can cause irreparable damage to a well-established brand, and undo in seconds the reputation painstakingly built over years of doing the right thing. It can lead to customers losing trust in the company, eclipsing by comparison the immediate financial value of the stolen information.

To make matters worse, harmful insiders are almost impossible to detect, because they have legitimate access to valuable data in the normal course of their jobs. And any clues of wrongdoing they do leave behind often fall through the cracks because security products work in siloes, producing mountains of disconnected data. As a result, these tools are not able to interconnect the data from various sources to detect abnormal behavioral changes of legitimate users, and insiders continue to operate undetected.

An integrated approach to insider threat protection can provide actionable intelligence to help stop insider threats, allowing organizations to regain control and reduce their risks. Bringing together data security, identity governance and user behavior analysis helps organizations detect insider threats and reduce their exposure to them. As a result, they can anticipate the risk of malicious actions before they occur and respond more quickly when breached. Additionally, they are able to better secure their sensitive data and more tightly govern their user identities.