Key decisions as you embark on a mobile app program

There are a number of key decisions to be made before you start your mobile app development project.

Languages, frameworks and SDKs

One of the first decisions that developers must make is to identify the programming language that will be used to implement the app. There are several choices and the mobile devices that the app must run on will also have a bearing. Some languages are only supported on one of the two major mobile operating systems (iOS and Android). Some languages can be used on both. Some languages can be used on both “sides” of the client-server interaction (such as JavaScript and Swift), while some languages are only used on the client side (the code that runs on the mobile device).

Along with the choice of implementation language, the developers need to identify which software components to leverage, such as code frameworks and packages, embeddable software development kits (SDKs), and pre-built services running on the server or cloud area of the architecture.