A vision for the future of banking

Imagine the possibilities for the future of retail branch banks. Analytics are integrated into every facet of the bank’s operations. Customers from all demographic groups consistently receive great service from attentive, informed staff, who can access the information they need at a moment’s notice. Big data is mined for better insights into customer wants and needs, helping increase both branch profitability and customer satisfaction. Branch banks enjoy higher availability and more flexibility—at reduced costs.

To support these possibilities, branch transformation strategies need integrated maintenance solutions. Using these solutions, branch banks can meet increasing customer demands, optimize spend, and reduce maintenance and operational costs through a unified approach, rather than the traditional ad-hoc or disjointed support model. IBM sees three work streams integrated to support branch transformation: service, financial and physical.

This paper focuses on IBM's vision of what the future of banking could look like, and the part that IBM Technology Support Services (TSS) can play in making that vision a reality. Read on to learn how IBM TSS can help ease and speed your path to branch transformation.

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