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Fan experience made with IBM

The tension builds on Centre Court as a titanic struggle between two players reaches a climax. Only a few thousand people can experience that moment live but the same experience is brought to life and shared through TV screens and digital devices around the world.

Find out how IBM and our digital agency IBM Interactive Experience help make that happen.

View the Car2go video (00:01:58)

Getting into the mobility business

Car2Go, Daimler Moovel's car-sharing app

Lights in a city by night

Keeping the lights on

Using advanced modelling techniques to identify root causes and predict failures before they happen.

Watch the Pioneer case study video (00:04:29)

Making a difference

See how a credit union is using data to improve financial performance and at the same time help more of its members.

Boy looking into a misty purple distance

Made with IBM

See what the world is making today.

Business decision making will never be the same

IBM and Twitter announce a landmark partnership to help inform every business decision. Twitter represents the public pulse of the planet. Coupled with IBM's industry-leading cloud-based analytics, customer engagement platforms and consulting services, together we have the potential to transform how businesses and institutions understand their customers, markets and trends.

A magician waves a wand over his hat

More than magic

The nature of innovation is changing. For today's business leaders, innovation is the art and science of anticipating the future. Outperforming companies have mastered that art, and IBM's Institute for Business Value is sharing their secrets for success.

Woman with a green lightening flash painted on her face

The speed of a start-up. Results for the enterprise.

Transforming software delivery for enterprise innovation with real business outcomes.

Graphic saying success made with IBM

Digital operations transform the physical

Do you still find it difficult to integrate data and use advanced analytics to predict demand and enhance value chain visibility for better decision-making? Learn how real-time insights can revolutionize value chains.

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Analytics: The speed advantage

The IBM Institute for Business Value reveals how data driven organisations are winning in today’s marketplace.

Your future made with IBM

You probably already know that we’re a successful, global company. You may have heard about some of our work. But what is it that makes a career as a consultant at IBM truly different?