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IBM Business Consulting Services

Ireland. When you work with IBM Business Consulting Services you get a global partner devoted to deliverying business results in everything from strategy development to implementation.

IBM Business Consulting Services provides the industry expertise, the key partner and alliance relationships, and the range of services that enable companies to deal effectively with the complexity of issues that arise from integrating strategy with implementation.

A dependable, collaborative advisor, IBM Business Consulting Services understands your industry and the business issues particular to that industry. Our people work with you to develop the most effective course of action and the technology solution that best supports your overall strategy. They follow it through from planning and implementation to project completion, management and training, and finally, to the measurement of the return on your investment.

The IBM Business Consulting Services team has years of experience working with Irish and Global organisations to help them create new business models, transform processes and implement them to support their objectives to become on demand businesses. This deep business and technology expertise – together with extensive industry knowledge – has helped thousands of customers meet their short-term objectives while positioning them for future success.

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