Disruption in the retail industry – We show you the forecasts for 2018

Do you know what your customers are doing?

Personal TV for all? Engagement is the heart and soul of the digital strategy for Vasaloppet

Marketing in the Cognitive Era is transforming

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61% of surveyed marketing and sales executives say cognitive computing will be a disruptive force in their industries
91% of surveyed outperforming companies agree that cognitive computing is important for their organizations' futures
And yet only 24% of survey respondents say they have a cognitive strategy today


The Experience revolution: The game is on


The Incredible Journey

Learn how to leverage the transformative power of a holistic customer journey strategy.


Becoming a customer-centric business—at scale

Case Study

Group M Nordic uses Watson to understand the customer journey

Embracing data science to increase marketing campaign conversion rates by up to 50 percent

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Case Study

Kotipizza - Significant Revenue Growth Through A Seamless Customer Journey

Kotipizza, Finland's largest pizza chain, worked with IBM Premier Business Partner Solteq to deliver a smooth customer journey from browsing and customization to checkout and delivery by implementing an e-commerce platform based on IBM Commerce solutions. The result: a 54% growth in basket size and an increase in digital revenue of 50%

Case Study

Caffe Nero - Boosting Sales Through Bespoke Online

Caffe Nero, a leading European coffee house brand provides personal omni-channel engagement with loyal customers. Using IBM Marketing Cloud to implement a nurture program the brand has achieved a 70% email open rate among registered card holders and results show that 68% of customers receiving personalized, relevant emails return buy a coffee within a week.

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How Watson is transforming your profession

Retail Customer Engagement

Mastering the art of the customer experience is what separates leaders from laggards. Get inspiration on Customer experience and engagement in Retail.

Supply Chain

Get the right products, to the right place, at the right time, packaged the right way – every time. Getting the supply chain right impacts also sales and marketing. Get inspiration here.