Why Hybrid Data Management?

Today’s digital enterprise need fast and actionable insights. This is increasingly a tall order as data resides in higher volumes, in greater variety, and in more locations throughout the enterprise and as an increasing number of business users demand that data. This, coupled with the complexity of multiple cloud environments, makes management and integration extremely challenging. To succeed, enterprises should adopt a hybrid data approach to all things data and analytics

Hybrid Data Management in Action

Executive Brief

Successful data warehouse analytics

In this executive brief, CIO Insight examines today’s critical analytics demands, including:

  • Flexible scalability with on-premises and cloud infrastructure
  • Specialized and optimized data management

Making Sense of Big Data - Whitepaper

A Day in the Life of an Enterprise Architect

Over the past decade there were revolutionary changes to the way information is used by businesses and how data management platforms support the information available from modern data sources. What's the impact for an Enterprise Architecht?

In the Spotlight

Hybrid Data Management Guide

Discover how hybrid data management allows businesses to leverage data of all types and sources, seamlessly integrate on-premises and cloud deployments, enable machine learning, empower increased self-service and more.

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Why IBM for Hybrid Data Management?

IBM Db2Hybrid Data Management offers you the choice to select any type of database or data warehouse, best-of-breed and open source software, and leverage your existing investments. Our solution collects, manages and provides business insights to data across on-premises, in private and public cloud, or integrated across structured and unstructured data types.

With the Hybrid Data Management Platform, you have the flexibility to deploy when and where you want, and scale when you want, as your data architecture evolves.


IBM Db2 on Cloud

Industry-leading performance with unparalleled benefits for your organization.

IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud

A fully managed cloud data warehouse that enables you to get faster insights from your data by leveraging in-database analytics and massively parallel processing.


Big SQL is a SQL engine for Hadoop that concurrently exploits Hive, HBase and Spark using a single database connection – even a single query. For this reason, Big SQL is also the ultimate hybrid engine.

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