Watson IoT Comes to You

Looking back at this summit with inspirational keynotes from BMW and Port of Rotterdam, break-out sessions with passionate IoT experts, and startups, the Flipbook gives you an impression of the content. Enjoy reading and tap into the power of IoT! Start reading here.

What's possible with Watson IoT?

The IoT provides a constant stream of feedback from end users. Companies can now understand intimately how their products or assets are being used. Which features are working and which are not. And improvements can be made in real-time to create competitive advantage in the digital economy.

Asset & facility management

Connected devices, data analytics and enterprise asset management (EAM) are changing the way maintenance is conducted


Reduce maintenance labor costs up to 50% with Maximo Asset Management.


Provides an integrated workplace management system for facilities

IBM Prescriptive Maintenance on Cloud

Apply machine learning and analytics to operational data, build predictive maintenance models, and manage asset reliability risks.

  • Insight for reliability engineers
  • Optimize maintenance plans and resources
  • Identify factors affecting performance
  • Accurate understanding of performance

IBM Prescriptive Quality on Cloud

Employ prescriptive analytics to improve quality of manufacturing processes, materials, components and products.

  • Low false alarm rate
  • Detect quality issues earlier
  • Monitor product quality
  • Monitor process quality

IoT solutions by industries

Solve your toughest business challenges with IoT cognitive capabilities

IBM IoT for Manufacturing

IoT is fundamentally changing the way manufacturing organizations create value

Learn how leading manufacturers have adopted IoT technologies.

IBM IoT for Electronics

IoT for Electronics ingests device data and transforms that data into meaningful insights – which can optimize processes and guide new product design.

  • Capture data in real time
  • Reduce the time to market
  • Increase revenue

IBM IoT for Automotive

Use cognitive computing to connect cars and acquire data from sensors and systems—to improve the in-car experience and develop new business models.

  • Identify risky behaviors
  • Get near real-time road conditions
  • Enable connected services
  • Improve product quality

IBM IoT for Energy and Utilities

An open analytics solution for energy and utility companies that offers applications and capabilities to help improve asset maintenance and utilization.

  • Improve maintenance practices and plans
  • Quickly assess risk and impact on grid
  • Understand assets in operational context
  • Prioritize maintenance and replacement

Product Development

Empower engineers to uncover unexpected patterns in data and identify exciting new areas of research

IBM IoT Continuous Engineering

Deliver IoT innovation through smart, connected products

Product Lifecycle Management

The successful delivery of IoT products requires the convergence of systems engineering, mechanical design and software development activities.

Application software development

Deliver customer vlaue faster with DevOps for IoT application softare development.

Where is your missing link? IoT application software helps you connect business processes to customers.

System engineering

Systems engineering solutions to accelerate innovation.

Systems engineering is vital to manage complexity and create the right solutions for the connected devices that make up the Internet of Things.

Supporting your IoT strategy

Realize the potential of the cognitive era with Watson IoT

IBM Watson IoT Platform

Manage your Internet of Things devices with one cloud-based tool

Design Thinking

For successful digital reinvention with Internet of Things, organizations may need to pursue a new strategic focus. This focus would require new customer experiences, business models, ways of operating and talent.


Blockchain technology presents opportunities for disruptive innovation. It enables global business to transact with less friction and more trust.

IBM Security

IoT & Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides both businesses and individuals with unparalleled amounts of meaningful data. Yet with this access comes the potential for security compromises. CTA - Manage the threats that come with the benefits of IoT.

Digital Twin

IBM Digital Twin gives organizations the ability to manufacture and maintain extremely high quality products. It is a a virtual representation of a physical object or system across the live cycle, using real-time data to enable understanding, learning and reasoning.

IBM Visual Inspection for Quality

Identify and manage product defects via cognitive visual inspection to reduce manufacturing labor costs, and improve process throughput and product quality.

  • Quality inspection cost reduction
  • Inspection process consistency
  • Inspection time reduction