June 13, 2019

Join us at Think Summit

June 13, 2019

IBM Client Center
Johan Huizingalaan 765
1066 VH Amsterdam


Sharpen your skills. Get hands-on experience with the latest technology. Expand your network with IT- and business professionals across industries, as well as IBM business partners and subject matter experts.

Discover how to apply technologies for an ongoing digital transformation. And discuss how the speed of tech developments increases the need to establish trust, increase transparency and address social issues with good technology.

Let’s put smart to work


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Think Campus: Focus on the topics you care most about


Explore specific topics and business solutions in the areas of data and AI, cloud and infrastructure, security and resiliency. The Think Campuses will cover a variety of activities including case study and technical presentations, debate sessions, educational demonstrations, networking, and expert talks.

All for you to explore the insights, ideas and innovations in technology developments and how these help solve business and societal challenges in a constant changing environment.

Data & AI

Unlock the value of your data and put smart to work with AI.

  • Modernize your data usage and make it ready for an AI and multi-cloud world
  • Build, train, and deploy AI models at scale based on open technologies
  • Operationalize your AI-driven insights and business processes with trust and transparency
  • Generate new business models and make more informed, real-time decisions with IoT connectivity and cognitive analytics

Data & AI sessions at a glance


Cloud & Infrastructure

Optimize your infrastructure with faster, smarter platforms and services.

  • Discover why thousands of organizations across 20 industries trust IBM as a faster, more secure journey to cloud
  • Purpose-built infrastructure, to provide the performance, agility, and security that you can count on for today’s multi-cloud environments

Cloud & Infrastructure sessions at a glance


Security & Resiliency

Build trust and resiliency with the biggest advances in cybersecurity at work.

  • Client stories and lessons learned from experts, standing by to answer all your toughest questions
  • Learn how you win the cybersecurity game by preparing today for the threats of tomorrow

Security & Resiliency sessions at a glance


Developer Night

Code. Learn. Talk.

Developers Night, is the evening program of Think Summit. Especially put together for developers by developers.

  • Code your own app in a 15-min quick lab
  • Know more and participate in discussions about open source, cloud, artificial intelligence, internet of things and quantum computers.

Agenda of the Developer Night


icon-expand-white Richard van Hooijdonk

Richard van Hooijdonk

Richard van Hooijdonk

Richard van Hooijdonk
Trendwatcher, futurist and international keynote speaker

Richard van Hooijdonk takes you to an inspiring future that will dramatically change the way we live, work and do business.

His inspiration sessions have been attended by over 420,000 people. Richard is a regular guest at radio and television programs. With his international research team, he investigates tech trends like robotics, drone technology, autonomous transport systems, Internet of Things, virtual reality, biotech, nanotech, neurotech, blockchain, 3D and 4D printing and of course augmented and virtual reality and their impact on various industries. Findings are published weekly in the form of compelling articles, e-books and white papers.

icon-expand-white Anna Moskova

Anna Moskova

Anna Moskova

Anna Moskova
Software developer – Aconit Software

Anna Moskova is specialized in tailor made software development. Together with clients she creates solutions in health, engineering and telecom industries. She is always excited to bring the latest technologies into practice. She’s now spending her spare time on quantum computing.

icon-expand-white Justin Halsall

Speaker's Name

Speaker's Name

Justin Halsall
Technology Evangelist, IBM

As technology evangelist for IBM in New York, Justin Halsall accompanies developers and starters in the Startup program with IBM. He created AMSxTech, a community including more than 600 technologie-experts in and around Amsterdam. He worked as Technology Evangelist for the cloud provider SoftLayer. He was also director of software development in a company which analyzes trends on social media. Justin is hacker, web developer and entertainer. He will also be the host of the Developer Night.

icon-expand-white Sam Aaron

Sam Aaron

Sam Aaron

Sam Aaron
Live coder, educator and researcher

Sam Aaron is a live coder, educator and researcher. He was the lead developer of Overtone and Quil - creative coding projects for the (live) expression of sound and image. More recently he has created Sonic Pi whilst working as a researcher at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. Sonic Pi is Ruby-based live programming environment for creating music from code with a strong focus on education. By day he researches expressive language design and by night he can be found coding beats in nightclubs.

icon-expand-white Anne-Sophie Verdonck

Anne-Sophie Verdonck

Anne-Sophie Verdonck

Anne-Sophie Verdonck
IBM Blockchain Food Trust Sales

In her role as IBM Blockchain Food Trust Sales for Europe and Middle East and Africa, Anne Sophie Verdonck is working with Food producers, suppliers, retailers and regulators in Europe and Middle East and Africa to unlock the potential of Blockchain technology in Food industry. Prior to this role, she acquired extensive experience in building ecosystems between companies collaborating cross segments and countries as Public Sector and Heathcare Client Executive and International Channel Program manager in China and Middle East and Africa.

icon-expand-white Hans Boef

Hans Boef

Hans Boef

Hans Boef
Developer Advocate, IBM

Hans Boef is a Developer Advocate working in the IBM Innovation Space in Amsterdam. He helps developers from startups to corporates with the usage of IBM Cloud in general and more specific IBM Watson and IoT. To engage with developers he uses different ways, attending meetups, mentoring at Hackathons, speaking at conferences and giving workshops to small to large audiences.

icon-expand-white Edward Ciggaar

Edward Ciggaar

Edward Ciggaar

Edward Ciggaar
Developer Advocate, IBM

Edward works as developer advocate for IBM and is based in Amsterdam. His passion is to personally interact with developers and to show them the possibilities of our latest technology. He is always in to building fun demos and sample code that support developer productivity. His focus areas are IBM Cloud, Watson APIs and blockchain. In his spare time Edward loves to play soccer, both in real-life as well as online.

icon-expand-white Damiaan Zwietering

Damiaan Zwietering

Damiaan Zwietering

Damiaan Zwietering
Developer Advocate Data Science, IBM

Damiaan Zwietering is an IBM developer advocate who spent his career on achieving real world results innovating with information. He was a developer, consultant, architect and sales engineer in the area of data warehousing, business intelligence and advanced analytics before his current position as a developer advocate for data science, specializing in the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

icon-expand-white Cor van der Struijf

Cor van der Struijf

Cor van der Struijf

Cor van der Struijf
Q Ambassador, IBM

As IBM Adoption Leader - Watson & Cloud Platform, Cor van der Struijf helps organizations with business and IT challenges during their transformation journey. Together with these organizations, he identifies and implements innovative solutions, while utilising open standards like OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, and containers. Given these engagements, he is a regular speaker at events and guest lecturer at universities to present on technology developments and their impact, including Cloud, Cognitive, and Quantum Computing.

In 2017, Cor has been appointed as the IBM Q Ambassador for Benelux, being part of the European Quantum Computing organization. Furthermore, Cor is the current chair of IBM Benelux Technical Expert Council. After becoming an IBM Academy of Technology member in 2012, he joined in 2016 the Academy of Technology Leadership Team, with a specific focus on Technical Eminence. Since 2016, Cor is IBM Europe Technical Specialist Profession Leader to grow skills and capabilities of technical professionals.

Cor has a Doctorate in physics from Utrecht University and a Master of Business Administration degree with distinction from Warwick University.

icon-expand-white Jacco Weijers

Jacco Weijers

Jacco Weijers

Jacco Weijers
CFO Global Technology Services, IBM

Jacco Weijers is the Chief Financial Officer for the IBM Global Technology Services organisation in the Benelux. Jacco has spent the past ten years in various roles within the Finance organisation. Jacco has lead and lived in the transitioning world into managed services and the journey to the cloud.

icon-expand-white Frits Engelaer

Frits Engelaer

Frits Engelaer

Frits Engelaer
VP Sales BeNeLux

Frits Started his career at Tatra India Ltd as a market researcher for heavy duty trucks, after which he joined De Lage Landen.
Having moved through several operational responsibilities in Credit, Sales, Operations, Marketing. He became country sales manager ai for Cargobull Finance in the Nordics.

During the credit crunch (2009) Frits conducted market research in West Africa. Evaluating (social) business potential for 2nd and 3rd life European equipment.

In 2010 he joined the newly formed sustainability team at DLL where he was responsible for developing DLLs award winning sustainable business proposition on Lifecycle Asset Management.

From 2016 onwards Frits led DLLs global initiatives inroads into managed services and PPU business models. As of 2018 he is commercially responsible for the BeNeLux.

He holds a degree in Business Administration from Nyenrode University in the Netherlands.

icon-expand-white Desmin Dekker

Desmin Dekker

Desmin Dekker

Desmin Dekker
Creatie Lead

Desmin comes from a political background. He is a representative of the youngest business generation, but as a senior presenter with over 5 years+ experience, Dutch (native) English (fluent).

icon-expand-white Peter-Jan Bentein

Peter-Jan Bentein

Peter-Jan Bentein

Peter-Jan Bentein
Secretaris Generaal, NVL Lease

Opgeleid in het economisch recht (Universiteiten van Gent en Brussel) werd hij na een management traineeship bankier bij Bank Brussel Lambert. Daar bekleede hij diverse senior management posities. Na de overname door ING werd hij directeur bij ING Bank in Nederland en vervolgens algemeen directeur van ING Lease Nederland. In 2010 werd hij zelfstandig ondernemer. Samen met partners richtte hij een aantal bedrijven op met activiteiten in duurzaamheid, training&coaching, financial advisory en food&beverages. Daarnaast is hij sedert 2011 secretaris generaal van de Nederlandse Vereniging van Leasemaatschappijen (NVL).

icon-expand-white Joost Heurkens

Joost Heurkens

Joost Heurkens

Joost Heurkens
Senior Attorney, IBM

Joost werkt op de juridische afdeling van IBM. Hij adviseert onder andere bij de financierings en leasing activiteiten in Nederland vanuit juridisch perspectief, waaronder het voldoen aan de vereisten volgend uit de Wet ter voorkoming van witwassen en financieren van terrorisme.

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