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Messukeskus, Helsinki


Security Campus

We live in an age of exponential change with more data, connected devices and computing power than ever before. While this affords businesses tremendous opportunities, it also creates more ways for cyber-criminals to breach an organization. Headlines from the past year shine a spotlight on the growing speed and destructive nature of cyber-attacks.

With the right approaches, technologies and experts, not only can we fight back today, but we can get ahead of tomorrow's threats.

The Security Campus at Think Helsinki is designed for Security Leaders and Cyber Security practitioners and discussions will focus on real stories from the field and practical examples. Network with peers and security experts to discover how to

  • make your organization cyber-resilient
  • prepare for ‘boom moments’ like ransomware attacks
  • tackle the skills shortage by embracing new technologies like AI
  • embrace resiliency as a practice to better prepare for and respond to threats
  • use cognitive security to pinpoint threats and quickly orchestrate an effective response
Time Stage
8.00-9.00 Registration and breakfast
9.00-11.00 Opening and keynote on the main stage
11.00-11.15 Tervetuloa IBM Security -kampukselle!
Annika Nevaste, Security Leader, IBM Finland
11.15-12.00 Paneelikeskustelu: Miltä Suomen kyberturvallisuuden uhkakuva näyttää vuonna 2020?
• Antti Ropponen, Associate Partner, European Security Practice, IBM
• Timo Piiroinen, rikosylikomisario, Keskusrikospoliisin Kyberkeskus
• Jarkko Saarimäki, Viestintäviraston Kyberturvallisuuskeskuksen johtaja
• Jussi Tuovinen, majuri, erikoistutkija, Puolustusvoimien tutkimuslaitos
12.00-12.30 Train like you fight: preparing for the 'Boom’ – Lessons learned from the X-Force Command Center
Erno Doorenspleet, Executive Securiy Advisor at IBM. Security Evangelist
12.30-13.00 Staying ahead of hackers – The emergence of Cyber Resilience
Felicity March, Cyber Resiliency Specialist, IBM
13.00-13.30 Client Case: Veikkaus Oy, Datan suojauksen merkitys liiketoiminnassa
Jan Seuri, Chief Information Security Officer, Veikkaus
13.30-14.00 Goldilocks and the three ATM attacks
David Bryan, Associate Partner, Global Leader of Technology, X-Force Red, IBM Security
14.00-14.45 How to poison the bad guys – Why active defence matters
Benjamin Särkkä, Cyber Security Strategist, Nordea and Founder, Disobey
14.45-15.00 Päivän yhteenveto
Annika Nevaste, Security Leader, IBM Finland
15.00 Closing

Experience Center – Where all the activations, demos and experts are

All demos and activations are available between 8.00-18.00 in the Experience Center of Security Campus. You also have a chance to meet all the experts all day.

IBM X-Force Command Center Virtual Reality Simulation

This choose-your-own-adventure-style 360 VR video experience challenges attendees to make hard security decisions
and shows how even the most experienced security pros can’t do it alone: they need the 24/7 monitoring of the X-Force Command Center to make well-informed decisions.

IBM X-Force Red Cracken Password Cracker

Think your password is foolproof? GAME ON!

Input a password to see how quickly we can crack it!

This password-cracking device paired with a leaderboard challenges you to test your most "uncrackable" passwords
and shows how long it takes to hack to emphasize importance of identity management.

RedEscape Mini Challenge

Are you LEET ?

See if you have the skills to join the Daemon Crew team

The RedEscape Mini Challenge is an interactive escape game where the participants have to solve a series of challenges. This activation also provides a short introduction on ancient encryption before the group game starts.

BMW i8 and IoT Security

There are over 40 interconnected computers in a BMW i8 vehicle. It is essentially a complex IoT machine on wheels.
Discover how IBM and BMW handle the security and retain the integrity in a product, which is trusted to move peoples lives and at the same time keep them safe.

Experience Center – IBM Demos and experts

All demos and activations are available between 8.00-18.00 in the Experience Center of Security Campus.
You also have a chance to meet all the experts all day.

i2 / Threat Hunting
Enable organizations to perform advanced analytics at scale and with critical speed, turning massive amounts of data into actionable insight, in near-real-time, to support timely decision-making.
• Sturt Ison, IBM
Maas360 / Mobile Security
Comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform enabling apps andcontent with trust on any device anytime, anywhere, by delivering mobile security for the way people work.
• Petteri Asikainen, IBM
QRadar / Security Incident and Event Management
Integrates SIEM, log management, anomaly detection, vulnerability management, risk management and incident forensics into a unified, highly scalable, real-time solution that provides superior threat detection, greater ease of use. And Gartner MagicQuadrant leader since 2011.
• Kim Rejman, IBM
Resilient / Incident Response Platform
Intelligent Orchestration dramatically accelerates and sharpens your response. The Next Generation of incident response delivers real-time visibility across your SOC tools, quick time to value and guided response empowering your team to outsmart,outpace and outmaneuver cyberattacks.
• Johannes Van Den Eijden, IBM
BigFix / Endpoint Protection
IBM BigFix provides system administrators with remote control, patch management, software distribution, operating system deployment, network access protection and hardware and software inventory functionality.
• Jouni Huttunen, IBM
IAM / Indentity Access Management
When your security projects take aim at insider threats, complex integrations, on-premises or hybrid cloud deployment, IBM Identity and Access Management Solutions help you achieve early success. Led by design thinking, our advisory consultants and security specialists help architect solutions for virtually every aspect of your enterprise IAM. Including user provisioning, access management, enterprise single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, user activity compliance, identity governance and managed security services.
• Konstantin Chistyakov, IBM
Guardium / Database and Warehouse Protection
The simplest solution provides the simplest, most robust means for continuously monitoring access to high-value databases, files, data warehouse, file shares and Hadoop-based systems, assuring the integrity of trusted information in clients' data centers and automating compliance controls in heterogeneous enterprises. The IBM Security immune system is a fully integrated approach that allows its components to work together to improve their effectiveness.
• Jorgen Fabrin, IBM

Guest Speakers

Benjamin Särkkä
Cyber Security Strategist, Nordea and Founder, Disobey


Timo Piiroinen
Rikosylikomisario, Keskusrikospoliisin Kyberkeskus

Jarkko Saarimäki
Viestintäviraston Kyberturvallisuuskeskuksen johtaja


Jussi Tuovinen
Majuri, erikoistutkija, Puolustusvoimien tutkimuslaitos

Jan Seuri
Chief Information Security Officer, Veikkaus


David Bryan
Associate Partner, Global Leader of Technology, X-Force Red, IBM Security

IBM Moderator, Host and Speakers

Antti Ropponen
Associate Partner, European Security Practice, IBM

Think Helsinki Security Campus Moderator

Annika Nevaste
Security Leader, IBM Finland

Think Helsinki Security Campus Host


Erno Doorenspleet
Executive Security Advisor at IBM, Security Evangelist


Felicity March
Cyber Resiliency Specialist, IBM


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