IBM, Global Partner Leader de DES Digital Business World Congress, participó en las conferencias con destacados expertos a nivel mundial y con una propuesta de valor única para que avance en su transformación digital hacia la empresa cognitiva.

Demos #IBM para #DES2018 Playlist

Seguridad de Trabajadores en entornos de riesgo

Inspección visual con Drones, utilizando tecnologías cognitivas

Inteligencia Artificial a máxima velocidad

La fábrica inteligente: Visual Insights para la Calidad

Optimizar las operaciones en planta con AI

Watson: la plataforma empresarial de Inteligencia Artificial

Comercio internacional de café con Blockchain

Simulador Virtual del Centro de Operaciones de Seguridad de IBM

Industria 4.0

Transformar las operaciones con Watson IoT

Transformando las industrias

IBM Blockchain en acción: Casos de éxito reales.

Acelere su negocio con Cloud

Descubra las mejores prácticas de adopción de Cloud.

Del dato a la IA

El camino hacia la Inteligencia Artificial para ganar competitividad.

El sueño del desarrollador

¡Despierta! y pon tu proyecto a funcionar con IBM Cloud.

IBM Security

¡Cómo protegerse de las amenazas del mañana, desde hoy!

Reinvención digital en banca

Innovación centrada en el cliente.

Cognitive Customer Experience

Atraer, nutrir, captar, vender, dar servicio y fidelizar.

IBM Cognitive Retail

Descubra las tecnologías cognitivas para cambiar el futuro del Retail.

IBM Systems

Modern Infraestructure para la Era Cognitiva.

IBM Systems, Modern Infraestructure para los negocios cognitivos. Ahora podemos diseñar, distribuir y construir,... cualquier cosa. Somos los arquitectos del futuro.

¿Preparado para GDPR?

El 25 Mayo, entra en vigor GDPR, con una repercusión mundial.

IBM ofrece soluciones, servicios y experiencia que le ayudarán en el cumplimiento de GDPR, en los áreas de gobierno, procesos, datos, seguridad, personal y comunicación.

Hacemos posible su proyecto

Que las restricciones presupuestarias no frenen su innovación.

Financiamos todo su proyecto tecnológico (hardware, software y  servicios) de IBM y de otros proveedores. Consúltenos para adecuar su plan de pagos a su proyecto.

Olga Blanco

Blockchain Tech Series [24 mayo, 15:20]
Blockchain in action: reimagine industries.

Companies are solving business challenges and reinventing relationships across industries with Blockchain. Come learn through case studies how blockchain is helping companies to dramatically increase trazability and transparency, save energy, reduce pollution, cut food waste or increase trust in social projects.

Olga Blanco, IBM Blockchain Leader
IBM Blockchain leader & Cognitive Business Decision Support Service Line in SPGI focusing on Digital Transformations driven by Insights. The portfolio includes Analytics, Big Data, AI (Cognitive) Watson, Internet of Things and Digital Operations.A recognized Consultancy expert who combines a unique profile in both leadership and consulting advising leading companies/organisations. 20 years of successful track record in business development, strategy formulation and delivery of innovative & creative revenue and profit growth capabilities working with a large variety of stakeholders.

Enric Delgado

Tech Series, Cloud Series [23 mayo, 15:00]
Microservices in a multi-cloud world: let's talk less about DevOps and more about OpsDev.

Enric Delgado, IBM Cloud CTO España, Portugal, Grecia e Israel

Elisa Martin

Elisa Martín Garijo
Elisa is Chief Technology Officer for IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel, a Distinguished Engineer, and a member of the Leadership team of the IBM Academy of Technology. In her role, leads technology and innovation in the country with the objective of stimulating smart solutions in Spanish companies and institutions using technology and innovation as drivers. Her responsibility is to transmit innovative experiences and technology to enterprises and society, and bringing value by connecting clients with IBM Research.

Enterprises are shaping the technology-driven world we live in. AI technologies no longer represent the future, they are part of our present, a silent revolution that has already begun, and integration of AI in people's lives without hardly realizing it is a reality.

Luis Reina

Big Data & Analytics Series [22 mayo, 15:00]
Fourth Generation Cognitive Hybrid Architectures.

Data driven companies are those adopting the most advanced analytical solutions, which have three key characteristics, they are cognitive, hybrid and governed. Through real customer cases, we will see the challenges companies are facing in their journey and the solutions they are adopting.

Luis Reina, IBM Analyst Architect
Luis Reina, computer science engineer by UPM and executive MBA by Henley Business School. In IBM since +22 years as a data specialist. Teacher in Computer Science since 1998 at Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. Currently teaching I.E. in the Business Analytics & Big Data Master as well as EOI in different Big Data Master programs. Co-author of 2 database book: "DB2 Cluster Certification Guide" and "Introducción al SQL para Usuarios y Programadores" published by Prentice Hall and by Thomson.

Julian Meyrick

Supersession Cybersecurity [24 mayo, 16:15]
Corporate Security, the impact on your profitability.

Julian Meyrick, Vice President IBM Security Europe
Leading the IBM Security Europe team in the development and delivery of software and services offerings that protect enterprises with intelligent, integrated security solutions and expertise. Before Julian led the IBM's Security Services Division in Europe, delivering security consulting, security implementation services and managed security services to clients. Julian was Aerospace & Defense Partner in IBM Global Business Services from 2009 to 2012, and led IBM’s Defense & Security team in the UK from 2005 to 2009.

Nieves Delgado
Pere Corominas

Vertical Session: Banking Keynote [24 mayo, 13:20]
CaixaBank, leading with AI for best in class banking.

CaixaBank, the largest retail bank in Spain is here today with us to share their experience in the transformation of customer experience, leveraging new technologies like Mobile Apps and Artificial intelligence. CaixaBank has been the first Bank in Spain to use IBM Artificial Intelligence technology, Watson, both internally and in their relationship with clients. One of the most recent milestones has been the launching of Neo, the chatbot in CaixaBank mobile App, and Gina, the chatbot in ImaginBank, both initiatives within their Now strategy. Pere Corominas, director of Digital Channels for Caixabank, and Nieves Delgado, Vicepresident of Sales for IBM, will talk about some of these initiatives that had made CaixaBank be widely recognized. The institution lately received The Banker award, given by Financial Times Group, to the best Technological Project in 2017.

Mikel Díez

Digital Marketing Planet [24 mayo, 13:20]
Cognitive Retargeting.

Customer acquisition is still one of the main activities of any marketeer, and the State-of the art of Artificial Intelligence now allows new experiences as Cognitive Retargeting.

Mikel Díez, IBM Cognitive Customer eXperience Leader
Leading innovation programs. Expert consultant on ideation dynamics based on Design Thinking & CX. Computer Science degree & Software Engineering master from University of Deusto. Currently leads IBM CX Solutions, helping companies to re-imagine relationship with customers. Professor in ESADE, EOI & usual speaker on CX panels. +24 years experience in services & solutions combining high professional efficiency in the use of new technologies & personal relationship skills.

Ángel Castán

Vertical Session: Retail Forum Debate [22 mayo, 12:00]
Risk & opportunities of today 'Platform.ism'.

Ángel Castán is the Cognitive Consumer Leader for IBM SPGI.
Digital and cognitive strategist, customer - centric consultant with more than 20 years of international experience in transforming the way companies engage with their customers. Castán has developed his professional career in companies such as Fujitsu or Accenture and has worked in the areas of CRM, marketing and business development. Currently helping Retail & Consumer Products companies re-imagining their user experience by leading digital transformation initiatives leveraged with the power of digital and cognitive enablers: Cloud, Big Data & Analytics, Mobile, Social Business & Smarter Commerce combined with Design Thinking techniques to ensure user-centric designs and cognitive innovation.

David Farrell
David is General Manager of IBM’s worldwide Watson & Cloud Platform organization. David’s primary mission is to drive client success around IBM’s cloud, cognitive and data solutions. He leads global go-to-market activities, including client success, business development, technical support and ecosystem expansion. David has worked and lived in Europe, Asia and Latin America. He currently resides in Madrid, Spain with his wife and two children.

There's nothing artificial about intelligence. Although machines can help, it's about making the individual smarter in order to make better decisions. At the core, AI is the ability to discover and provide visualization of relevant data at the right time and in context quickly, to find faster, more reliable recommendations and actions. This session will look at AI's progress in cultivating new knowledge in the enterprise and in transforming critical industries like healthcare, telecommunications and financial services. Learn how forward thinking companies and business thinkers are using AI to reimagine workflows to build the future today by putting smart to work.

Juan Ramón Gutiérrez

Vertical Session: Industry 4.0 Forum Debate [22 mayo, 12:00]
The Autonomous fabric.

The Industry 4.0 is driven by data and its ability to gain new levels of efficiency and effectiveness. The combination of IoT and AI allow companies to improve overall asset efficiency and production performance in manufacturing process through production optimization, predictive maintenance and predictive quality control by applying visual and acoustic inspection technologies. The aplication of AI powered cognitive capabilities is also improving knowledge management, providing new tools to support field workfoce operations.

Juan Ramón Gutiérrez
Juan Ramón has more than 20 years of experience in Consulting and Technology. He joined IBM in 1995. In 2001 moved to PricewaterhouseCoopers and worked in different sectors (Banking, Distribution, Life Sciences). After the acquisition of PwCC by IBM, he held multiple leading positions, with focus on Business Process Management. Since 2013, he teaches BPM at Universitat Autònoma and conducts the BPM education program for professionals in Fundació Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Today he is leading the development of Cognitive Solutions for Industrial Sector in IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel.

Javier Lisbona

Javier Lisbona, IBM DevOps Leader

María Borbonés

María Borbonés, IBM Cloud Technical Specialist
Maria se licenció en la Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU de Valencia como Ingeniera Informática y posteriormente realizó el Máster de Inteligencia Artificial en la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Actualmente trabaja en IBM como especialista técnica de sus soluciones IBM Cloud para España, Portugal, Grecia e Israel y además colabora como profesora en diferentes másteres. Entre sus responsabilidades se incluye la impartición de cursos de formación, participación en eventos, presentaciones y demostraciones de tecnología.

Manuel Rodríguez

Manuel Rodríguez, IBM Cloud Architect

Jima Marín

Jima Marín, Watson Marketing Specialist

Luis Aguilar

Luis Aguilar, Digital Workplace Services Leader
Luis Aguilar is the Digital Workplace Services leader at IBM Spain and leads the commercialisation of innovative solutions for the workplace of the future and user support. He began his career over 15 years ago in IBM Global Services as an IT Consultant, advising C-level executives in key areas such as cloud adoption and IT operations optimization. Luis earned a Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunication engineering from University of Zaragoza, and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

Andrés Gorostidi

Industries Success Cases about Watson Workspace: The only team collaboration solution with the built-in power of Watson. Create unlimited spaces to talk to your team, work with customers, or coordinate an event. Send direct messages and chat privately one-on-one. No matter who you're working with, Watson Workspace supports seamless communication.

Andrés Gorostidi
Andrés joined IBM on 1998, and since them, has work on areas related to knowledge & collaboration solutions. During this last 20 years, he worked on consultancy, services, and on priority support, having been recognized as an advanced value advisor on social business and interfacing directly with IBM labs and development. He is recognized as one of the pre-sales technical leaders of Watson Workspace, the newest Team collaboration tool from IBM, including the built-in cognitive power of Watson.


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