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Starting salary: £30k

With cloud, mobile, social, security and big data advances all happening at once and at lightning speed, technology is impacting the way that businesses run more than ever. At IBM we are helping businesses to overcome these changes, coming up with innovative solutions to some of world's toughest problems.

So if you're passionate about technology where better could you think to start your future than with a company at the forefront of the industry? We have global expertise and reach, right across a diverse spectrum. As a result we offer a huge number of roles within the technology area from Security Specialists, Technology Solutions Specialists and Technology Consultants, to Software Developers, Software Consultants and Technical Writers.

"What has always made IBM a fascinating and compelling place for me, is the passion of the company, and its people, to apply technology and scientific thinking to major societal issues."

Ginni Rometty

Technical Solutions Specialist

What the role involves: Our Specialists develop proof of concepts, design, develop, build, test and implement systems to solve our clients' business and IT problems. As a hands-on professional you’ll develop an in-depth understanding of our products, offerings and services.

You will need to:

Software Consultant

What the role involves: We are a small team of Global technical experts who specialise in helping companies get the most of their Smarter Planet Software, ranging from Cloud, Mobile to Social Business and Business Analytics. Our knowledge is unrivalled to the extent our clients include IBM’s own Consulting Services divisions to whom we sub-contract our services.

You will need to:

Software Developer

What the role involves:

Our software engineers are responsible for the complete life cycle of a software product – from research and design, to implementation and testing, through training and support. As a software engineer you will work at the heart of IBM's software innovation and you could play a key role in many world-shaping, cutting-edge technologies.

You will need to:

Cyber Security Specialist

What the role involves:

You will be helping our clients analyse the problem, working with other parts of IBM, understanding the security architecture, and assist to implement and manage new security systems and security transformation programmes.

You will need to:

Technical Talent & Careers at IBM

IBM's unparalleled technology leadership is the result of its brilliant talent: a group of IBMers who have a laser-like focus on innovation and unrelenting drive to solve some of the world's most complex problems. Take a few minutes to learn about the tech culture and the inspiring, interesting, and innovative projects IBMers are involved in.

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