Design Roles

We’re looking for designers who will create irresistible experiences for our users.

IBM Design’s mission is simple: put the user at the center of our products. If you are a passionate problem-solver, able to empathize with users and turn that empathy into design insight, we want you to join us in creating exceptional experiences that span our vast product portfolio. Just starting your career as an entry-level professional? Let us know who you are: full-time positions and internships are available now.

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Design Researcher

Design research builds continuous knowledge, discovery, and empathy. We craft actionable insights through empirical observation and experience. Tools of the trade include contextual inquiries, co-design, customer journey maps, and quantitative research.

Visual Designer

Visual designers manipulate observable elements, with the goal of eliciting desired emotional responses and building durable connections with users. Tools of the trade include imaging, typography, layout, color and style.

UX Designer

Through the interpretation of research and requirements, UX designers craft experiences that connect people with our products and services in meaningful, enduring ways. Tools of the trade include market and audience analysis, user journeys and wireframes.

Front End Developer

Front-end development collaborates with the team to generate ideas and make design concepts tangible. Tools of the trade include web and mobile programming skills and synthesis.

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Precious spaces that aren’t so precious

There are a million good ideas out there. Our studios are meant to help you do a few of them really well. They’re messy sometimes. We build them up, we tear them down, we shift them around. In these spaces we cry, we heal, but we don’t hide. They’re where restless ideas are put to the test and, when they’re ready, are shipped to the world as delightful user experiences.