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Digital transformation and innovation: how to deal with it and make sure your organization can keep up in times of continuous change? At Think Brussels more than 300 local and international innovators, IT technologists and business professionals came together to discuss the impact of AI, cloud and data.

Why is a hybrid cloud infrastructure fundamental for your business? How does this multi-cloud environment, including the latest technologies such as blockchain and IoT, help go to market faster? And how to activate data, customers and a business ecosystem securely?

For every topic there was a dedicated campus, with loads of inspiration, customer stories and proven results.

Think 2019
February 12 – 15

Moscone Center, San Francisco, US


Cloud & Data

Put all your data to work, using a cloud designed for you and secure to the core. Move from insights to intelligence with systems that can learn. Innovate continuously, accessing the latest technologies, methods and expertise.

At the Cloud & Data campus you learned how to:

  • Understand which apps should be cloud-native, when to move, and what cloud model to use.
  • Define a comprehensive integration strategy for multi-cloud and AI.
  • Transform client experiences and business models with technologies such as AI, machine learning and blockchain.
  • Organize your data into a trusted source of truth, with practical tips for successfully managing and running enterprise data lakes.

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Business & AI

Now is your time to be the disruptor –see change before it happens or risk losing relevance. The way forward is to continuously reinvent your business with the customers, employees and partners at the core.

At the Business & AI campus you learned how to:

  • Discover hidden insights and make decisions with greater confidence with AI.
  • Find new personal ways to engage using intelligent chatbots and workspaces.
  • Implement, enhance or redesign processes using blockchain and IoT to drive digital transformation.

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Modern Infrastructure

How to you build a future proof IT-infrastructure? Most companies are convinced, activating a hybrid-cloud infrastructure is the foundation for innovation and a fast go to market. To reach this you must make choices and take lots of decisions.

At the Modern Infrastructure campus you learned how to:

  • Transform to a hybrid cloud while using an existing infrastructure.
  • Modernize legacy and enterprise applications.
  • Manage a hybrid cloud, data center and lots of containers.
  • Optimize infrastructure maintenance with AI and augmented reality.

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Security & Resiliency

Cyberattacks and data breaches are a fact of life. Your company needs to be ready to respond and minimize the impact on its business operations. Take a closer look at what’s needed to become cyber resilient. And examine the latest solutions to detect, prevent and react to security incidents.

At the Security & Resiliency campus you learned how to:

  • Orchestrate and automate incident response processes.
  • Apply AI to help speed-up threat detection and incident response times
  • .
  • Understand the threat landscape of 2018.
  • Adopt a disaster recovery approach that is also effective during a cyber crisis.

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