Event Highlights

Watson Summit London Highlights

Keynote - Is Disruption the New Business Normal?

Keynote - Survival of the Fastest

Keynote - Better Decisions Whatever the Weather

Explore the Four Themes

Explore Blockchain

Blockchain for Dummies: Everything you need to know about what blockchain is and how it works

Are you ready for GDPR?

Starting in May 2018 the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will take effect

Disruption is Everywhere

How can you use cloud to innovate and achieve a competitive advantage?

Rip it up!

Rip up the rulebook with cognitive beats and a solid big data strategy

Bring data to life

Confidently monitor, explore and share insights from your data with one integrated solution

Transform and Empower HR

66% of CEOs believe cognitive computing can drive significant value in HR

Thinking Supply Chain

With cognitive, supply chain professionals can better predict and mitigate the disruptions and risks in the supply chain

Weather Means Business™

Use weather-based insights to optimise operations, reduce costs, improve safety, and uncover new revenue opportunities

Take control of dark social

Find out why customers don't want to share their data anymore and how marketers can take control of dark social

Keep customers coming back

Avoid 5 roadblocks of omni-channel success and deliver the perfect order every time with intelligent fulfilment

Engage with data

Collaborate between teams and across technologies to find new and unexpected insights

IBM iX Digital Agency

At IBM iX we use insight to create ideas and then we deliver solutions with real impact

Watson for Cyber Security

Watson for Cyber Security draws security intelligence from millions of sources to see threats unseen by other systems

IBM QRadar on Cloud

Adopt SIEM as a service and focus your resources on monitoring threats and insider attacks

Protect your crew and assets

Weather is the ultimate disruptor. Protect workers on the front line by notifying them of oncoming weather hazards before they strike

Operations powered by IoT

Maximise availability of critical resources and assets. Predict equipment failures and schedule action to avoid downtime

The possibilities are endless. Don’t let variable expenses stop your innovation in its tracks. We have a better way to help you manage your cash flow.

Win a Design Thinking workshop

Disruption is everywhere, what will your next step be?

We hope that the Festival of Disruption has left you buzzing with great ideas, but if you're not sure how to make them real or are thinking about how to shape the future experience you provide for your customers or users, enter our draw to win one of five IBM Design Thinking workshops.

IBM Design Thinking is a powerful approach to innovation and brand differentiation, focused on creating experiences that delight customers. We can generate ideas quickly; design, evaluate, and test them more rapidly; and develop code faster. Most importantly, you can reduce the time it takes to deliver value to your customers. In the one or two day workshop, we'll work with you and your key stakeholders to understand and address your challenges and come up with a set of ideas and next steps for you to start work on straightaway.

You'll need to submit your idea into our draw before 28th October 2017.

Asterisks (*) indicate fields required to complete this transaction.

By submitting this form I agree that IBM may process my data in the manner indicated above and as described in IBM's Privacy statement.

Design Thinking Workshop offer for Watson Summit- Terms & Conditions

No purchase is necessary for entry to the draw.

All 18yrs and older participants are eligible.

Non -eligible participants are IBM employees, their business partners, agents and families.

Public Sector/Government Owned Entity(GOE) employees, will not be eligible to enter into this competition. GOEs may of course request such an engagement outside this prize draw.

For the avoidance of doubt, an incorrect determination by the participant will result in their entry being void, thus making said participant ineligible to win the prize. GOEs include but are not limited to:

  • Governmental bodies -national, state, local, municipal government -and any department, agency, public enterprise or instrumentality of a government.;
  • State owned hospitals, schools, utilities, etc.;
  • Public international organizations (e.g., United Nations);
  • State owned enterprises (whether wholly or partly owned);
  • Private companies controlled by or under common control with any of the above; and
  • Any entity subject to the applicable country’s public procurement laws and regulations.

By making a submission you are opting in to the draw and are consenting to being contacted by IBM in connection with the draw.

Specific requirements for submissions to this draw, challenges should address issues such as:

“How could I improve the experience of my users / customers in the next 5 years?” It should be focused on a user / employee / customer / citizen experience, with a clear aspiration for change

NOTE: Not all challenges are suitable for this approach and as such such unsuitable submissions will not be considered for the prize-draw.

In the event that an unsuitable challenge is proposed, IBM will contact the submitter to discuss and will afford the submitter an opportunity to re-enter the prize-draw. Submissions must be made via the form on the Watson Summit website, or the Watson Summit event app and must be received no later than midnight on 27th October 2017.

No other submissions will be considered.

By making a submission, you commit to the preparatory work required and the participation of a suitable team. Workshops will be delivered by 31st March 2018 subject to the preparation from the submitter being completed in a timely fashion. Where appropriate, IBM will work with the participant to take an idea to prototype. If any prototyping is done, all Intellectual property created in the process of such prototyping will be owned by IBM. Submitter agrees to execute all such documentation as may be required to give effect to IBM’s ownership rights. In taking up this offer you agree to share your experience of this process in public communications. IBM reserves the right to decline any submission which is deemed inappropriate. IBM will not publish the name of the winner(s) without the participant’s prior written consent being obtained. All entries which meet the criteria described will be entered into the draw. The first 5, selected at random, will be invited to an initial discussion to ensure suitability for the workshop. The winners will be selected at random from eligible entries, by picking a name out of the box on Weds 8th November 2017 at IBM Southbank. The winners will be contacted directly by IBM from the details submitted. There is no cash alternative to the prize offered. IBM reserves the right to halt or pause the prize draw at any time. IBM reserves the right to substitute this prize with an alternative prize of equivalent value.

If you are not permitted to accept this prize because of your company policy, applicable law or other reason, please respond to Watson.Summit.London.2017@uk.ibm.com

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Try it yourself

Want to try out some of Watson's cognitive capabilities yourself?

Tone analyzer

Experience how Watson helps discover, understand, and revise the impact of tone in content.

Personality insight

Gain insight into how and why people think, act and feel the way they do. Enter some text and let Watson identify your personality.

News Explorer

Discover a new way of understanding the news.