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The IBM Start
Summit 2012

Sustainable Infrastructure for Smarter Cities
3 October 2012 – IBM Forum London

Event Background

The IBM Start Summit 2012 - Sustainable Infrastructure for Smarter Cities, was held on Wednesday 3 October 2012. Just like the previous summits its aim was to convene a group of stakeholders around big sustainability challenges facing the UK, and this time it was all about infrastructure. Following the success of our previous two summits in 2010/11, IBM opened its doors to a select group of stakeholders across many disciplines to debate and create an action plan for 4 cities and their challenges.

As part of the Start initiative, inspired by HRH the Prince of Wales; we have continued to develop the ideas that the previous summit delegates recommended, many of which are already being actioned. But there is one imperative which will require a greater level of collaboration, and that is providing a secure and robust infrastructure that is fit for purpose for all citizens whilst achieving a more sustainable future for us all. Britain will not be able to compete in the modern world unless we improve our infrastructure. Our transport systems are congested. Many of our older and more polluting power stations will come to the end of their lives over the next decade. Increases in population will put more pressure on our water supplies and advances in technology will increase demand for digital connectivity.

The event was highly engaging and focused around 4 cities and their challenges. Using mind-mapping techniques an action plan was created for each city to take forward. The challenges were broad enough for everyone to get involved and the agreed set of outcomes will be published soon.

Participating cities and their challenges included: