Whatever assets you manage it’s vital to keep them running for as long and as efficiently as possible. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about our data-driven solutions to manage and optimise your assets. This covers all physical assets from plant equipment, buildings and IT to transport infrastructure, electric networks and gas pipelines.

How do you measure the impact of unplanned maintenance on profitability?

How do you plan your maintenance activities?

How do you predict equipment failures before they cause an outage?

How do you monitor real time performance of your generation plants?

How do you ensure your mobile workers have the information they need?

How do you minimise unplanned maintenance tasks?

How do you maximise asset life expectancy?

Get more out of your assets

Utility providers are under more pressure than ever to meet the demands of consumers, regulation and the carbon economy, amidst the added challenges of containing costs and maintaining ageing assets.

IBM's asset management technology and services are smart enough to predict and plan appropriate maintenance for all your assets, helping you cut downtime, control costs and maximise the operational life of existing assets.

Meet the challenges

Maintenance costs significantly impact your production volumes and related revenue stream.

  • Avoid lost productivity from staff waiting on unscheduled maintenance and shutdowns
  • Ensure skilled engineers and maintenance staff are not losing hours finding information

Realise the benefits

  • Turn daily data from a number of assets into a one-stop, real time performance monitor
  • Quickly evaluate the state of each component and predict its expected failure
  • Optimise maintenance and repair activities to reduce idle time and costs

Delivering for Customers today, building a platform for the future

National Grid and IBM deploy a Strategic Asset Management project that brings together the information from 350 different sites into a single portal. This helps engineers and remote workers make better decisions, safely and reliably. The use of agile methodology has brought many of the benefits of the project much earlier than usually expected. Being able to roll out the portal and applications to engineers faster, the project is now more flexible, more adaptable and can react quicker to changes.

Driving efficiency from planning stage to operation

In the current global economic climate, there is a growing emphasis on cost containment, return on investment and increased overall asset value. In short, businesses are under intense pressure to do more with less. IBM has a world leading reputation for asset management consultancy and an extensive coverage of asset classes, with the ability to manage change programmes spanning the whole lifecycle.

Smarter Asset Management

The latest Point of View document discusses the importance of maximising the value of your operational assets at every stage of use, ensuring optimal productivity and cost efficiency for your business.

Read the Smarter Asset Management paper

Asset Management Predictions 2014

IBM’s Ben Hanley looks at how asset management and predictive analytic technology can meet today’s growing data demands by capturing, analysing and presenting information in ways which help businesses make better decisions.

IBM Asset Management drives efficiency, helping you get the most out of your workforce and equipment at every stage of your operation's lifecycle. Our powerful, real time performance monitoring solutions immediately put you in control of your assets.

Contact Ben Hanley today to find out more on +44 (0) 7775 034927 ben.hanley@uk.ibm.com

IBM Asset Management Resources

Learn more about the dynamics of our proposition, or find out about the benefits of asset management from our selection of informative documents and news articles.

A lifecycle approach to asset management

  • Delivering what customers want, are willing to pay for and at a price they can afford.
  • Operational efficiency integrated into one business process spanning customer service through operations to maintenance.
  • Predictive maintenance fed by real time data.
  • Longer asset lives and more targeted asset replacement.
  • Better design of new assets.
  • Optimised design of capital programmes.
  • Faster, cheaper, safer manufacture and construction driven by innovation and lean execution.
  • Capturing data from the birth of a new asset to meet a customer need right though to its retirement and decommissioning.

IBM Maximo

Enterprise Asset Management Solution (EAMS) used to operate, maintain and dispose of enterprise assets. It focuses on "Plant and Production" (oil, gas, chemicals, mining, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, food, electronics and energy), "Infrastructure" (including railways, highways, telecommunications, water and national distribution networks). "Transportation" (military, airlines, trucking, shipping and rail).

IBM Maximo


Integrated Workplace Management Solution (IWMS) to enable organisations to manage, report and analyse performance of its property portfolio, infrastructure and facilities assets within the core areas of functionality, Real Estate, Space Management, Project Planning, Operations and Maintenance, Environment and Sustainability.


Further information

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Smarter Trends


Smarter Energy

Smarter Planet

Other IBM Points of View in the series

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