IBM Value Assessment in Partnership with the Milan School of Management

The IT eProcurement Value Assessment Methodology has been developed to enable customers to evaluate the benefits deriving from eProcurement adoption for IT purchases. The methodology follows four main steps using the IBM eProcurement Expert System tool and comprises of;

  • Data collection
  • Preliminary analysis
  • In-depth client interview
  • Culminating in a fully customised business report

You can take the first step by following the attached link, to the preliminary value assessment.
The initial report is based on general industry data and is intended to provide you with a preview of the reporting format and the key output elements. The Value Assessment System is based on the following key customer parameters:

  • Efficiency
  • Control
  • Transparency
  • Decentralisation
  • Supply Base
  • Maverick Buying Reduction

The final customised value assessment illustrates your current IT eProcurement maturity level along with both financial savings and organisational improvements that can potentially be realised by leveraging eProcurement for IT purchasing.

The customised value assessment reports are delivered to you in an open presentation format that can dynamically be updated as more information becomes available and can be re-used based on your needs.

Take the next step to fully realising the benefits of your eProcurement investment for IT purchases. To learn more about cost savings via integrated eProcurement please complete your details by using the following link.

Sample Value Assessment Financial Output

Order Cost, Administrative Cost, Lead Time Opportunity Cost, Opportunity cost of capital, Current Situation, Target Situation

Sample Value Assessment Organisational Output

Maverick buying reduction, Transparency, Control, Current situation, Benchmark, Decentralisation, Supply base rationalisation, Target situation

The IT eProcurement Value Assessment Methodology