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How can I access my invoices/credit notes online?

You can access your invoices using our Invoices On-Line application.

This requires your IBM User ID and password and entitlement to access information pertaining to your IBM account. You can view all your invoices/credit notes and you will have access to additional functions, like download to spreadsheet, e-mail notification of new invoices and invoice inquiry (typically with 24 hour response time).

If you already have an IBM User ID and password, proceed with the first option under 'Register here', if not choose option 2 to create one. (Learn more about IBM User ID and registration).

To complete the registration and authorization, you will need to follow some simple instructions that will appear on the screen.

You will receive an e-mail that will confirm your authorization to access.

For further information or assistance, please contact our Customer Support Team at

How can I view my statements of account online?

You can view your entire account statement through our Statements Online application.

This online application is updated with invoices, credit notes, and payment details, either submitted or pending. You can also create and print a report for a particular type of invoice (e.g. maintenance, purchase etc.), for a specified time frame.

You will need to register with IBM, where you will be asked to fill in a form to create an IBM Userid and password, chosen by you, that will be requested on access. To complete the registration and authorisation, you will need to follow some instructions that will appear on the screen. You will receive an e-mail that will confirm your authorisation to access Statements online.

For further information or assistance, please contact our Customer Support Team at

Why should I obtain an IBM User ID and password?

An IBM User ID and password gives you access to our web tools which can help you manage your IBM account. With your IBM User ID you can request access to various online tools, as well as raise requests in a secure environment.

Please supply the following information when registering for your IBM ID:

Accuracy and detail are very important to future online transactions and e-tool entitlement.

Note that failure to provide any of the required fields prevents the user from completing IBM Registration.

As required by local data protection regulations, you will also be required to confirm that IBM may store and use your Personal Information to contact you and to export your Personal Information outside your country of residence.

What are the due dates and payment dates for IBM invoices?

Invoices are due and payable upon receipt of IBM invoice, as detailed in the IBM Customer Agreement.

What about late payment fees?

IBM reserves the right to charge a late payment fee calculated at a monthly rate determined by IBM for each day that the invoice remains unpaid.

Who do I contact with questions or concerns about my invoices, including invoice corrections, purchase order changes or invoice copies?

A Customer Support Team representative will be happy to assist you with all your invoice inquiries and you can contact us in several convenient ways. You can inquire about your invoice or view an invoice image through the Invoices On-Line application. You will need to register the first time you visit. Once entitled, you can view, print and submit any question or request against an invoice.

You may also submit a request using our online application My Requests (you will initially need to register with IBM to obtain an IBM User ID and password required).

Who do I contact to change the address on my invoice?

An invoice address change can be made by submitting a request using My Requests application or by visiting the Invoices On-Line tool.

How can I determine the status of my account balance, including outstanding invoices and payments received by IBM?

You can view the status of your invoice in Invoices On-Line. If you are a first time user, you must register to view the open and paid invoices. You can also submit a request (IBM User ID and password required) through My Requests application.

How do I pay an invoice?

Payments can be made through cheque payable to IBM Philippines Inc. If you wish to pay through other means, please contact our account receivable specialist by raising an intent to pay in Invoices On-Line (registration required) or in My Requests application.

How can I advise IBM about a payment / remittance advice?

Please send us your remittance advice through any of IBM’s online application: My Requests or Invoices On-Line.

What if I have an invoice question that isn't answered here?

A Customer Support Team Representative will be happy to assist you with your invoice inquiries. You can submit an online request using Invoices On-Line or My Requests (you will initially need to register with IBM to obtain an IBM User ID and password). To allow us to better assist you, please include as much detail as possible.

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