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How do I register for Contracts OnLine?

Contracts Online is an application used for the end-to-end processing of your IBM contracts (including viewing, approving and signing). Access to Contracts OnLine is a two step process, first you must have an IBM ID and password and then you must be entitled to use the tool.

Once you have an IBM ID and password, please contact your IBM Contract Representative or our Customer Support OnLine team on +852-2825-6668, Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 5:30 pm, excluding public holidays to complete the entitlement process.

How do I raise an inquiry online?

Please visit My requests application, where you can create, view and manage your enquiries in a secure environment.

You will need your IBM User ID and password to access My requests.

Your request will already be populated with the data you supplied when you registered with IBM. You need only supply the information that is specific to your request and press submit.

A submission notification will confirm the details of your request.

You will receive a response from an IBM representative within one business day, either in the form of an e-mail from ‘My requests’ with a link to your answer and any related documentation or directly by a Customer Support Team representative if an answer requires further research or information. You are notified of final responses via an automated e-mail which refers you to the response details in the My requests application so that you can have easy access to the request at any time.

Learn more about My requests or contact our Customer Support OnLine Center on +852-2825-6668 for more information.

Why should I obtain an IBM User ID and password?

An IBM User ID and password gives you access to our web tools which can help you manage your IBM account. With your IBM User ID you can request access to various online tools, as well as raise requests in a secure environment.

Please supply the following information when registering for your IBM User ID:

Accuracy and detail are very important to future online transactions and e-tool entitlement.

Note that failure to provide any of the required fields prevents the user from completing IBM Registration.

As required by local data protection regulations, you will also be required to confirm that IBM may store and use your Personal Information to contact you and to export your Personal Information outside your country of residence.

My IBM equipment is out of order, I have no Maintenance Agreement, what will happen if I request an IBM Customer Engineer call out?

For all requests with no Maintenance Agreement, you can get the appropriate technical support by calling IBM Technical Services at: +852 8205-8233. This support will be billed according to the hourly Per Call Maintenance Terms and Conditions.

How do I cancel my service and what is the cancellation period?

All requests for cancellations must be issued in writing to your IBM Client Representative or Services Proposal Manager, in accordance with the applicable notice period specified in your agreement.

What is the cancellation period if I would like to cancel my maintenance contract?

While the specific obligations of your relationship will be set out in the relevant agreement that you have entered into with us, customer can give one month written notice for termination request after the machine has been under Maintenance Agreement for at least six months.

What if I have a contract question that isn't answered here?

A Customer Support representative will be happy to assist you with your contract enquiries and you can contact them on +852-2825-6668, Monday to Friday, 9:00 am - 5:30 pm for assistance. You may also submit an online request using My requests (you will need to initially obtain an IBM User ID and password). To allow us to better assist you, please include as much detail as possible.

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