IBM Canada offers you several options to pay your invoices.


Direct debit

Direct debit payments authorize IBM to initiate an electronic bank debit entry to automatically transfer payments at a pre-set time. You will still receive an invoice for review prior to the payment date.

Direct debit eliminates your need to issue a cheque, reduces manual processing and ensures you do not incur late payment fees. Implementing direct debit is quick, easy and automates monthly payments.

Enroll for direct debit payments
Complete and sign the authorization form and provide us with a voided cheque. Please contact your IBM Global Financing (IGF) representative to obtain the form.

Set it up
Once we receive your form and voided cheque, your bank routing and account numbers will be stored with your customer number(s) and payment timing in a confidential, secured database.

Process your invoices
Each month before the due date, you will receive invoices for review. These invoices will include your products and services, the billing period and other information related to the charges along with the date the automated debit will occur.

Execute your payments
On the payment date, our accounts receivable system receives your banking information from the confidential, secured database and transfers the appropriate record to our bank. Our bank then communicates electronically with your bank and the funds are transferred from your account to our account, paying the invoice.

Update your automatic payment
If you wish to update your banking information, just provide us with an updated, voided cheque and we will ensure your banking information is updated in the confidential, secured database.

Fix direct debit payment failure
If for any reason the automatic payment process fails, the IBM Customer Support Representative responsible for your account will contact you to make other payment arrangements.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Instead of receiving paper invoices, we can transmit them to you electronically using EDI technology. This can eliminate mailing delays, reduce paper-handling costs and automatically populate your inventory management and accounts payable systems.

For issuing payments, you may prefer to pay your IBM bills via EDI rather than creating and mailing a cheque. This eliminates late payment fees caused by mailing delays or lost cheques.

If you are interested in electronic invoicing or payments using EDI, please contact your IBM Marketing Representative.


Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Paying your invoices using EFT enables you to directly transfer payments into an IBM account. Unlike direct debit, EFT requires you to initiate this transaction each time payments are due.

However, it allows you to combine multiple invoice payments into one transaction. It also eliminates the need to manually create and mail cheques, along with the delay and loss risks associated with this process.

The preferred method of paying your invoices using an EFT transaction is through Statements online. However, if you prefer to arrange EFT payments using more traditional methods, there are some steps you must take first.

To perform your initial EFT transaction, you will need to have our banking information including bank name, branch address, transit number and account number. To receive these banking details, please contact IBM Customer Support through the options under We're here to help section in the upper right.

We encourage you to make payments in the same currency as your invoice wherever possible. For each wire transfer payment, please send us your confirmation using a fax to 905-316-4336 or through an online request.


Credit cards

We currently accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa credit cards for payments with IBM. Just provide your credit card number and expiration date when you initiate the transaction with IBM such as placing an order, enrolling in a class, calling for maintenance service or parts or signing a contract.

If you would like to pay for a product or service that is already invoiced, please use the ePay method which is offered through Statements online.

IBM Canada Ltd. is not obliged to accept credit cards for all transactions.


Payment by cheque

Hard copy cheques should be made payable to: IBM Canada Ltd.

Please mail to one of the following locations:


IBM Canada Ltd.
P.O. Box 5100 Station F
Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2T5


IBM Canada Ltd.
P.O. Box 34030
Vancouver, B.C., V6J 4M1


IBM Canada Ltd-M2108
C.P.11572, Centre-Ville
Montréal (QC) H3C 5N7

When paying by cheque, please include details of invoices or credits along with your customer number.

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