Cloud – why hybrid?

Why hybrid cloud is getting more and more popular? Two-thirds of organizations that blend traditional and cloud infrastructures are already gaining advantage from their hybrid environments. However, leaders among them use hybrid cloud to power their digital transformation, going beyond cost reduction and productivity gains. What’s more, these leaders are using hybrid cloud to springboard to next generation initiatives such as Internet of Things and cognitive computing. You have the capability to use the right type of cloud service to support the right workloads at the right time. The benefit of the hybrid cloud is that it can be used to provide a set of well‐managed services. These services include the capability to use self‐service infrastructure services that can provide the scalability that you need for unanticipated opportunities. In addition, a hybrid cloud provides a continuous delivery platform for building, deploying and managing applications. IBM offers a spectrum of solutions to fulfill your company’s business needs – from 100% private to 100% public. Based on our experience and recommendation you can decide which level of cloud adoption is a best fit for you.

Cloud Maturity

IBM recently released a research study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) that surveyed 784 IT and business executives across the globe to try to define an effective approach to cloud computing and demonstrate what sets cloud leaders apart. The study indicates that cloud is becoming the dominant model for delivery of IT services. One-third of organizations say that 60 percent or more of their technology is delivered through the cloud today.

Future of Cloud

And cloud is not just a delivery system for IT services; it is increasingly being seen as a means of transformation and a growth engine for the modern business. To strive for excellence in this era of digital transformation, companies are graduating to the next level with more dynamic cloud models aligned to the business strategy. IBM can help you to build your secured access to Cloud - private, hybrid, public. Also, try out our Cloud Maturity benchmarking tool.

Security of Cloud

As the mega-trends of mobility and cloud computing collide, security folks find themselves caught in the middle. The techniques used to monitor devices and infrastructure no longer work. There are no tap points, and it is often prohibitively inefficient to route cloud traffic through inspection choke points. Security monitoring needs to change fundamentally to stay relevant — even viable — in this cloud age.

Business climates are changing, and organizations must provide an infrastructure that can quickly adapt to those changes. Cloud fundamentally changes the way IT builds new apps, delivers services and consumes compute and software resources. In its many forms of cloud and cloud computing is quickly becoming both the delivery and consumption models for IT. However, getting the correct mix between traditional IT, private cloud and public cloud can be a challenge. The new IBM Power Systems™ E850C, E870C and E880C, with OpenStack based cloud management and open source automation, enable clients to accelerate the transformation of their IT infrastructure for cloud while providing tremendous flexibility during the transition. These powerful, high performance systems provide clients increased security, high availability, rapid scalability, simplified maintenance and management.

In today’s digital economy, executives report that aligning IT with business imperatives is a challenge. Plus, newer technologies are driving fundamental changes in how people interact with organizations. IDC analyst report discusses three fundamental areas where buyers are looking to utilize managed services to support a shift to hybrid IT.

Business executives repeatedly indicate that the top business imperatives for enterprises are centered on financial performance metrics that involve optimizing profits, growing revenue, and driving down costs. Closely linked to these imperatives is enterprise focus on ensuring customer satisfaction and market penetration.

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