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IBM Integration Services and EDI

EDI means Electronic Data Interchange and is a concept more than a standalone technology or format. The concept comprises a large number of formats, communication protocols, and business rules.

75% of all electronic B2B exchanges are handled by EDI; however, a large number of transactions and processes are still performed manually and might therefore be inefficient and error-prone. The degree of maturity differs from industry to industry, and the retail trade (and its partners) and logistics chains have achieved great advantages for many years and are still expanding the scope of use.

As EDI becomes more widespread, its usability is expanded with the advent of new solutions, business needs and forms of organizations, trading networks and supply chains.

Projects cover areas such as classic order/invoice management, ERP integration, supply chain and business process optimization, integration of mobile solutions and cloud applications with back-end applications.

IBM can support your project end-to-end

This applies to integration between applications and partners upstream as well as downstream in the trading and supply chains – depending on the business problem in scope.

And in connection with the process of going from analysis, design and implementation to the day-to-day operation.

IBM can handle the vast majority of formats used, for instance EDIFACT, XML, iDoc, UBL, plain files and your own in-house format. We also offer a number of communication methods for meeting different needs and preferences.

When you request a quote, you will be contacted by one of our consultants before the agreement is issued. This will ensure that you end up with the right service suiting your business needs.

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