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Smarter Analytics & Watson demo

IBM Smarter Analytics with the Watson demonstration sets the agenda for the future - it's the next generation of advanced analytics. In this exhibition you can experience how IBM innovations for the last 100 years have built the foundation for Smarter Analytics and IBM Watson that open new future possibilities. Watson represents a transformational set of technologies that fundamentally change the way businesses look at solving problems and bring intelligence to ways they can make better, informed and optimized decisions within Smarter Analytics. IBM Watson is being commercialized to create a new class of business solutions for healthcare, financial services and other industries to help clients rapidly process large volumes of unstructured information and find precise answers to critical questions.

IBM History Innovations

In this exhibition you can experience IBM innovations for the last 100 years and also view real examples from the past e.g. the first type writer with ball bearing, a magnet band from 1980 and a multichip module for air-cold main frame computer. Visit the exhibition to learn more about the IBM innovation transformation and challenge yourself and what you have learned about IBM, by playing our interactive "IBM quiz"!

Social Business

Social business answers to the major technological and economic shifts that define innovation today. Social ways of working harness the explosive growth of mobile, cloud and big data, and serve as the foundation for effective employee and customer engagement. This interactive exhibition showcases the whole palette of Social Business offerings from IBM and its Business Partners. You can download reference stories, request more information and get in touch with experts. In addition to the stand we have a screen streaming online Twitter posts about IBM Social Business (#socbiz).


Cloud Computing represents an emerging IT delivery model, building on previous innovations that include grid, utility, and on-demand computing that were first pioneered by IBM. Cloud Computing enables self service, economies of scale and flexible sourcing options. Furthermore, Cloud is an important cross-brand initiative for IBM. Explore the way to Cloud Computing by seeing concrete examples in the Smarter Clouds Exhibition. In addition to 2 live demonstrations, LotusLive & Smart Business Desktop Cloud (demonstrated by request) we inform about the available IBM Cloud Portfolio and present worldwide IBM cloud customer references.

Companies can exploit new business possibilities. - Watch the video

Join our cloud expert Monica Claesson at IBM Client Center where she explains what IBM SmartCloud can do for your customers.


The MobileFirst Area covers information about IBMs MobileFirst portfolio: Strategy & Design Services, Platform, Management, Security, Analytics and Development & Integration Services. The exhibition simplifies and enhances the dialogue with the customers and pinpoint areas where most customers have questions today. You find a demo of IBM Worklight, that showcase how you can extend the business to mobile devices. Never before have companies been as able to interact with customers anywhere at any time and start a meaningful dialog with them. IBM MobileFirst offers you true end-to-end mobile solutions. Experience it together with your clients at the center - demonstrate the whole portfolio, exemplify with good references from all over the world, discover the "Big" iPhone table and IBM Apps, keep track what's going on on Twitter or give a live demonstration of IBMs solution, IBM Interactive.

IBM Client Center Nordic in Stockholm offers an exclusive workshop for you and your company focusing on your specific conditions and needs. At this workshop, that is free of charge, you will benefit from tailored, hands-on advice on how to address the mobile challenges for your business.

Read more and see full agenda at the link below:

Smarter Commerce

To make it possible to sell on a smarter planet, retailers and producers need smarter systems. A system that adjusts the global retail supply chain to this new reality. It has to be interconnected, in order to feed the system with customer preferences in every part of the process – from design to distribution. It has to be set up so that each inventory object can be tracked and reported. And it has to be intelligent, to handle large numbers of customer data for analysis and converted to an actual value in real time.

Through integrating intelligence in the whole retail system the reseller, producer and supplier can eliminate inefficiency and wastage in all parts of the supply chain. Even more important is that the retailer can offer better service to the new more aware consumer, whose needs are of high value, individual service and low prices, will continue to grow.

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ascendant technology.

Ascendant Technology helps organizations large and small achieve business results by engineering end-to-end digital solutions based on IBM software. We deliver data-driven marketing, multi-screen digital touch-points, and the importance of exceptional design and social engagement. We also implement enterprise web architecture, analytics, security, connectivity, and business process engineering. We incorporate the best that the enterprise web, consumer web and the Cloud have to offer, delivering with an award-winning, proven software engineering approach and a global organization of experts.


descomDescom is a forerunner in electronic business solutions. We implement Smarter Commerce solutions based on IBM Software. Our eBusiness solutions give our customers a competitive advantage by turning complex processes into applications and services that are easy and compelling to use.

With our Smarter Commerce solutions customers get tools that actually work. We help them to integrate and analyze different marketing channels – B2C and B2B online stores, multi-channel fulfillment, customer service, mobile and print – in such a way that they support each other. Customers such as Stockmann, Hobby Hall, S-Group and Hong Kong are trusting in our service.

Our revenue 2011 was 39,5 million euro and we have over 200 specialist in Finland, Poland and Sweden.

Please visit us at to learn more about Descom and our services.


ExtendaExtenda is the market leader in the Nordic countries, with a state-of-the-art retail solution and exceptional references from satisfied customers with operations in and outside the Nordics. Many of our customer relations started in the eighties and customers have continuously upgraded to our new products. Six out of ten of the most respected retail brands in Sweden are today Extenda customers for Point of Sale (POS).


FiweFiwe supports companies in the Go-to-Market process and our competencies comprise solutions in the areas E-commerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Product Information Management (PIM), stand-alone or combined. All employees at Fiwe have long experience in the Industry, 7-10 years, and our competencies include Process Work, Project Management, Installation, Education, Development, Support and Analysis.



Finds your next business

PEDAB is a specialist supplier for your IT requirements:

PEDAB was the first distributor in Sweden for IBM products. Since 1993 we have worked together with IBM to add more value for our partners. Our customer promise is help our partners find their next business. This will be possible applying the unique PEDAB business model that is based upon our market intelligence and best practice.



Sindas mission is to create profitable business. We develop smart systems for finance, transport and retail, in close cooperation with the industry. With great commitment and expertise, we adapt the systems to our customers needs.

Kassanova was introduced back in 1989, in close cooperation with IBM. It has under the years been developed together with our customers to a complete business system - from purchasing, stock and sales to follow up, statistics and inventory.

To meet the IT world demands for skills development Sindas choose to work with established suppliers who will lead the global development.

Smarter Security

IBM use sophisticated analytics to identify and thwart attacks in real time. By bringing together security, software, powerful analytics capabilities and expertise we offer solutions to protect business' most valuable assets: their information, processes and people. IBM offers integrated security solutions that are tailored to the enterprises IT environment and reacts in real time.

Join our security expert Ola Wittenby at IBM Client Center where he tells how IBM Smarter Security can protect your customers' businesses.


In this exhibition you can experience IBM innovations for the last 100 years and also view real examples from the past e.g. the first type writer with ball bearing, a magnetband from 1980 and a multichip module for air-cold main frame computer. Visit the exhibition to learn more about the IBM innovation transformation and challange yourself and what you have learned about IBM, by playing our interactive "IBM quizz"!

Stand Alone Solutions

Cristie Nordic

Invest Systems - Stockholm


SECURA - The perfect match for global investments solutions
SECURA is a platform designed to meet the needs of Asset Management and Private Banking. It is a fully integrated real time system in a multi-user environment.

Invest Systems is a leading supplier of global investment solutions. We have provided hundreds of systems for Private Banking and Asset Management to investment banks, stockbrokers, financial institutions and industrial investors.

Juniper Networks


Data Center - LAN - Branch

Juniper Networks is a worldwide leader in high performance networking. Their high-performance network infrastructure helps businesses create a responsive and trusted environment to enable accelerated deployment of services and applications over a single network.

Improve service. Reduce cost. Manage risk. Virtualization - Energy efficiency - Asset Management - Information Infrastructure - Business Resiliency - Security.

Cristie Nordic

cristie nordic

Cristie Nordic makes TSM simple!

Cristie Utility box is a toolbox that can help you in sales and integration. Such as:

Cristie Nordic has been a provider for backup/recovery solutions in over ten years, with a special competence in Tivoli TSM systems. Corporates in bank & finance, retail and manufacturing industry has chosen solutions from Cristie especially in the disaster recovery area. Cristie is a member in the Cristie Group and has been deeply involved in the development of recovery software CBMR/TBMR that is sold by IBM worldwide.


  • - STG

    A portfolio of IBM hardware from System x, BladeCenter, Power Systems, System Storage and System Networking brands.

    Virtualization tehnologies for different platforms, for example:

    Heterogeneous systems management

    End-to-End systems solutions

  • - Lotus

    Lotus Portal – allow users to chose their user experience, with personalized applications based on role, context, actions, location, preferences and team collaboration needs. IBM WebSphere Portal software provides a composite application or business mashup framework and the advanced tooling needed to build flexible, SOA-based solutions, as well as the unmatched scalability required by any size organization.

    Notes and Domino - Lotus Notes and Domino software helps your organization access information more easily, Work more productively and collaborate more effectively than ever before. It's a collaborative business tool that supports your ability to focus on what matters most to your business: innovation. How? Through innovative functionality and an intuitive, compelling user experience.

    Traveler - IBM Lotus Notes Traveler software provides mobile support for IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino Web Access users. It provides automatic, real-time replication of Lotus Domino e-mail (including attachments), calendar, address book, journal and to do lists. It supports access from Microsoft Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Symbian devices and will work over all wired and wireless connections.

    Sametime - IBM Lotus Notes Traveler software provides mobile support for IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino Web Access users. It provides automatic, real-time replication of Lotus Domino e-mail (including attachments), calendar, address book, journal and to do lists. It supports access from Microsoft Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Symbian devices and will work over all wired and wireless connections.

    Sametime Advanced - IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced software's collaboration model driven by what people know, not who they know. Often, IM is a one-to-one form of communication, usually occurring between two people who already know each other. Lotus Sametime Advanced software expands this paradigm and fosters connections between people who don't know one another, but who do have the knowledge, expertise or information the other needs. Several new capabilities, combined with the features found in Lotus Sametime Standard software, can help you make the most of your company's tacit knowledge.

    Quickr - IBM Lotus Quickr™ team software helps you access the people, information and project materials you need to get your job done.You can gain control of your team's content and always access the latest version. Easily collaborate using team spaces that work inside or outside your firewall. Access and manage content from the desktop applications you use every day. And collaborate across time zones or go offline to work.

    Connections - IBM Lotus Connections is social software for business that empowers you to be more innovative and helps you execute more quickly by using dynamic networks of coworkers, partners and customers.

    Lotus Forms - eForms powered by Lotus Forms software help organizations speed automation of business processes and help integrate eForms data with existing IT systems. Now Lotus Forms eForms software includes significantly improved designer experience, advanced digital signature support and the new Lotus Forms Turbo module to make it easy for non-technical users to create, store and route eForms inside and outside the organization via email and web.

  • - Tivoli

    Tivoli Identity Manager - Tivoli Identity Manager allows you to take control of who has access to what applications, and the type of access they have. Create, delete and maintenance using information from all systems from a common interface. Control access based on roles and rules and automate approval processes.

    Tivoli Access Manager - addresses the difficulty of executing security policies over a wide range of Web and application resources. It defines and manages centralized authentication, access and audit policy and establishes new audit and reporting service by collecting audit data from multiple enforcement points, other platforms and security applications.

    Total Storage - Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) - provides "Intelligent" back up, and archiving of LAN and SAN. This provides higher efficiency than competing solutions can point to.

    Tivoli Business Automation / Tivoli Service Management - There are demands for IT to provide greater efficiency, reduced costs and greater flexibility. With good service management solutions, it is easier for the IT department to see what value they bring business.

    Tivoli Business Automation / Maximo - Asset Management - Why do more than 10 000 firms use IBM Maximo to have a full overview of its various assets? They have seen that it provides lower costs and lower risks and increase productivity and control. Maximo Asset Management allows them to optimize their operations and their business processes to best support the goals the company has set itself.

    Tivoli Business Service Availability - Do you know how your service is built? What is the service depending on? We show the monitoring of services from A to Z of tools that are easy to configure and has good reporting capabilities.

    Tivoli Business Automation - Tivoli Monitoring - Gives customers control of their IT services by providing a health monitoring and knowledgebase. By using ITM customers will be able to reduce risks and increase service availability in their infrastructure.

    Tivoli Composite Application Manager (ITCAM) - measures transaction times for applications, and is a valuable tool for measuring the baseline performance. It will monitor if your applications meets service level agreements, and diagnose the reason for a slow response time.

    Tivoli Business Automation / Netcool - Netcool is the state of the art tool for managing MPLS networks. It provides sophisticated correlation of events and intelligent methods of root cause analysis.

    TBA - Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager (TADDM) - Keeping track of changes in the infrastructure is an almost impossible tasks for most IT departments. However, studies show that most problems in it-services is a result of an unknown consequence of a change. TADDM continuesly run discovery in the infrastructure and lists all changes so IT-personell quickly can identify what has changed and more rapidly fix problems.

  • - Rational

    Rational Team Concert - Allows agile systems based on the new and modern development platform, Jazz. The solution includes the Eclipse development client, configuration management, scheduling, error and change management, and activity management. All integrated in a way that can best be defined as a paradigm shift.

    Rational Quality Manager - Our new WEB 2.0 test scheduling solution is based on Jazz platform and is intended for all organizations to perform quality assurance. The additional module, Rational Lab Manager, provides support for the deployment of test drivers and applications for the test in a test environment.

    Rational Requirements Composer – RequisitePro og Telelogic Doors - A solution that connects business and system developers through a Jazz-based interaction platform for prototyping and story-boarding. Customers who need to create rapid prototypes, for example, a Portal, will enjoy this solution. We also have the requirements tools, Doors and RequisitePro.

    Rational BuildForge - BuildForge automate all kinds of tasks on any platform. Do your customers perform manual tasks associated with building software, the setup of the test, or other manual operations? These will have the great pleasure of BuildForge, which can automate all tasks that can be called from a command line.

    Rational AppScan - Do you have customers with a WEB solution with sensitive customer data, or those who want to maintain their good name and reputation through better protection of WEB Front End? Rational AppScan ensures WEB pages against Hacker attacks, it carries thousands of tests and reports on compliance standards, such as PCI.

    Rational Performance Tester – Functional Tester - A solution for performance testing of Web applications, Web services, SAP solutions, Citrix and Siebel. We can simulate several million end-users using the so-called performance schedules. Functional Tester automates user interface tests for .Net and Java among others.

    Telelogic System Architect - Our market-leading solutions for work related to system architecture. A solution with strong support for all aspects of a system architecture.

    Telelogic Focal Point - A solution that provides full support for portfolio / product management - a must for management who want objective evaluation of the company's initiatives, set against business objectives.

  • - Information management

    Filenet Content Manager - FileNet P8 Content Manager combines comprehensive content management along with process management and connectivity to existing systems. This tightly integrated set of features helps companies and government agencies control, share, and quickly access critical business information in a secure and highly scalable environment. More importantly, these capabilities help every level of the organization collaborate more effectively and make more informed decisions in less time. FileNet Content Manager uniquely combines content, process, and connectivity to give companies and government agencies a competitive edge.

    FileNet Business Process Manager - Organizations can use FileNet BPM to increase process performance, reduce cycle times and improve productivity and decision making by automating, streamlining and optimizing processes.

    IBM Content Collector - IBM Content Collector is a new archiving platform and the successor product to CommonStore, Email Manager and Records Crawler - IBM's next ext generation email, file system and content archiving solution. Content Collector enables the automatic archiving of content from a source system into an IBM ECM repository. In the case of email sources – Exchange and Domino – a client component is also available to enable users to manual archive email, search and restore from the repository, and provide off-line user support.

    Cognos 8 BI - delivers the complete range of BI capabilities on a single service-oriented architecture (SOA). Using reports, analysis, dashboards and scorecards to monitor business performance, provides you with the capabilities and information you need to make better decisions. A service-oriented architecture makes it easy to deploy and manage. Build reports, OLAP cubes, dashboards and scorecards using all data sources. Modular deployment and proven scalability lets you meet immediate user needs, and expand or modify as needed to hundreds of thousands of users.

    InfoSphere Information Server - is a data integration software platform that helps organizations build trusted information, deriving more value from the complex, heterogeneous information spread across their systems. This includes a data profiling and data quality monitoring module (InfoSphere Information Analyzer), a source-to-target mapping module (InfoSphere FastTrack), an Extract Transform Load (ETL) module (InfoSphere DataStage) and a data cleansing module (InfoSphere QualityStage). All modules share a common metadata repository and a possibility to create and maintain a common business glossary via the InfoSphere Business Glossary module.

  • - WebSphere

    WebSphere DataPower - is a purpose-built, optimized and hardened hardware appliance for providing maximum speed and security in a SOA infrastructure. Currently two demos are running.

    1. Multi-Protocol Gateway - shows how DataPower can be used as a multi-protocol gateway with security and data transformation. The setup includes WebSphere Application Server (with WEB 2.0 and Web Application technology) and WebSphere MQ.
    2. Web Service proxy - implements a Web Service proxy, showing how DataPower easily can be configured to secure a Web Service. Error handling and SLM (Service Level Monitoring) is also included.

    WebSphere Business Process Management - The Business Process Management (BPM) Proof-of-Technology is intended for organizations that require business agility through effective business process management. They understand that in order to achieve business flexibility, IT flexibility through SOA is essential. This session focuses on dynamic BPM enabled by SOA using products from the WebSphere Business Process Management software portfolio.

    MQ File Transfer Edition – Build a customized, scalable & automated solution, enabling you to manage, trust and secure file transfers while eliminating costly redundancies, lowering maintenance costs and maximizing your existing IT investment.The demonstration material provides a hands-on experience for those wanting to understand how WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition can be used to implement a managed file transfer solution. It is shown how WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition is configured and administered.

    WebSphere CloudBurst - IBM WebSphere® CloudBurst Appliance (WebSphere CloudBurst) is a cloud computing appliance that manages WebSphere products in a cloud environment. WebSphere CloudBurst dispenses patterns of WebSphere virtual images into a pool of virtualized resources running a supported hypervisor. By facilitating the intuitive WebSphere CloudBurst Web GUI administration console, we can show how easily this is achieved.

  • - ITS

    Retail / SelfScanning - Customers scan themselves the goods they want to purchase, and then they can put the goods directly in their shopping bags. They can at all times control the total sum at the scanner display, and finish the shopping by going to the check-out station and and pay.

    Cisco / IBM "Unified Messaging" solution - Communicate and meet with partner in person. Get demonstrations on place and be able to broaden their knowledge about the alliance between IBM/Cisco.

    Digital Signage (DPM) – Intelligent presentation of screen content.

    Unified Communication and Collaboration / UC2 - Integrated Collaberation based on Lotus and Cisco. IBM will help you to design and implement fully integrated real-time collaboration solution that combines presence, IM, telephony integration and audio, Web and video conferencing.

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