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  • Fiwe

    Smarter Commerce Day 2013 Stockholm

    Fiwe, in cooperation with IBM, welcome you to Smarter Commerce Day 2013 on october 23 at IBM Client Center Nordic in Stockholm. Don’t miss this great opportunity to listen to the latest trends and innovations in omni-channel commerce.

  • IBM

    Obtain Insight and Agility using IBM’s Big Data Platform

    BigData represents a new and fast growing era in data exploration and utilization. In this workshop the audience will explore IBM’s Big Data platform incorporating data at rest using IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, data in motion with IBM Infosphere Streams and IBM Data Explorer. Content is delivered via presentations and hands-on lab exercises.

    30-31 october at IBM Client Center Nordic in Stockholm.


Solution Areas


  • Smart Cloud

    Cloud computing, often referred to as simply “the cloud,” is the delivery of on-demand computing resources—everything from applications to data centers—over the Internet and on a pay-for-use basis.

  • Smarter commerce

    To make it possible to sell on a smarter planet, retailers and producers need smarter systems.

  • Smarter Healthcare

    The healthcare of tomorrow will focus more on the patient needs and quality together with smart IT.

  • Smarter Analytics & Watson demo

    IBM Watson and Business Analytics sets the agenda for the future - it's the next generation of advanced analytics.

  • New Era of Computing

    IBM Client Center Nordic - Stockholm, have the great honor to introduce "New Era of Computing" -a mobile exhibition about IBMs visions regarding the computers of the future and its direct connection to IBMs revolutionary research, products and services.


  • IBM Smarter Healthcare exhibition

    The IBM Smarter Healthcare exhibition features a range of revolutionizing healthcare solutions that have the potential to help transform the quality and speed of care — and the entire healthcare industry.

  • IBM Smarter Cities exhibition

    We need to think innovative solutions in terms of the challenges that cities and thus the entire society are facing. Our Smarter Cities exhibition gives you an idea of how smart IT enables cities to connect data across systems, thus helping them to make smarter decisions that benefit you and me, our economy, safety, and the environment.

IBM Info

  • This application gives you the opportunity to offer your costumers quick and easy financial proposals on the go. The rapid Financing Mobile App is user-friendly and gives you access to the latest costumer financing from IBM Global Financing.

    Any questions ? Contact IGF atigfsales@se.ibm.com

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