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Test, demonstrate and explore IBM software - at the IBM Technical Exploration Center.

The main purpose of the IBM Technical Exploration Center is to help you benefit from using IBM technology. How can innovation from IBM meet your needs and boost your sales process? Interact with IBM experts, test and develop new ideas and, above all, present best practices to your clients and prospects.

We offer a secure environment where you can unleash the potential in your own innovation. Test it, demonstrate it to see the reaction, change what needs to be changed and develop a secure and business oriented solution. We know by experience that many clients want to see and try out a product or service before buying it, and we often use the IBM Technical Exploration Center to enhance their trust for IBM as a guarantor for innovation that makes a difference.

Choose from a variety of events at IBM Technical Exploration Center depending on what phase of the decision process you and your clients are in.

At the IBM Technical Exploration Center we offer:

  • - Exploration of Technology (EoT)

    A prepared high-level workshop that usually takes a day, giving your visitors a first taste of your innovation. You can gather input and ideas regarding technology to face important business challenges before they become a problem. This event will help you speed up the decision process and prepare your clients and prospects for a Proof of Technology session.

  • - Proof of Technology (PoT)

    A prepared technical event that usually takes 1 to 3 days. In this session, your clients can find out more about the technology behind your solution, attending presentations, demonstrations and hands on labs. Normally, this event takes place at a later stage of the decision process when your client needs to evaluate and test your product/service.

  • - Proof of Concept (PoC)

    With this service we can demonstrate our solution in a matter that answers directly to specific needs and business challenges. This event usually takes place within a TEC, LAB or at a client location.

Use IBM Innovation Center to:

  • - Explore new technologies

    Keep up with the latest trends and develop cutting-edge skills. Explore how new IBM technology and your applications can work together to build state of the art solutions. Benefit from teacher led workshops where you can learn how to take advantage of the latest IBM technologies.

  • - Never stop testing your innovation

    Build your solutions with technology consultation and get access to leading IBM technologies. Port, test and tune your solutions to achieve the level of performance and scalability required to win business.

  • - Create a market need for your solution

    Use our marketing and sales support as well as our location facilities. The IBM PartnerWorld program helps our IBM Business Partners to develop, market and sell their solutions throughout the business cycle. IBM Innovation Center also host events where you learn to maximize your relationship with IBM.

  • - Collaborate with experienced professionals and new talents

    Build your future profitable network with IBM, IBM Business Partners, developers and academics. For example, the IBM Academic Initiative is providing colleagues and universities with no-charge access to courseware and software download, technologies, training and much more. You can also benefit from attending events to learn how to maximize your relationship with IBM.

  • - Catalogue of Capabilities

    Local access to global resources
    As one in a growing network of forty
    worldwide centers dedicated to building a
    smarter planet with you, the IBM Innovation
    Center Nordic is also your doorway
    to support around the world. Whether you
    need to make local connections across the
    world, or simply access technical expertise
    at a far-away location, the worldwide IBM
    Innovation Centers are able to assist you.

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