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IBM Smarter Healthcare exhibition

The IBM Smarter Healthcare exhibition features a range of revolutionizing healthcare solutions that have the potential to help transform the quality and speed of care — and the entire healthcare industry.

  • - The super computer IBM Watson

    Watson validates diagnoses and treatments in the healthcare industry – it can find and clarify interrelationships that would otherwise be impossible for the individual human being to comprehend. With its 90 servers and 16,000 gigabytes of RAM, Watson has so much intelligence and memory that it can process abstract questions in a few seconds, understand the context and provide valid responses. Therefore, Watson can diagnose and suggest the right treatment. Especially when it comes to complicated diseases and types of treatment.

  • - The healthcare system moves in with you

    The IBM Shared Care Solution supports cross-coordination and collaboration for the course of treatment and care, as well as gathering information about every single citizen. By doing so, local authorities, hospitals, doctors and citizens have a total overview of the course of the disease, measurements and treatment plans, as well as ensuring better, faster decisions.

    The Heart Insufficient Telemedicine (HIT) solution is also part of the Shared Care concept, with the objective of providing ambulant heart patients with faster, improved treatment based on the daily electronic reports on their health status. Inspection visits are carried out as video consultations, in which the nurse and the patient review the treatment together.

    IBM Cúram is an integrated application that processes both health services and social benefits at the same time. The goal of the solution is "outcome management”; that is, that the effect of the treatment plan for people with chronic illnesses can be shown.

  • - Digital screen solution for patient information and communication between healthcare professional.

    The IBM Smart Room is a solution for hospitals that supports the healthcare professionals with their daily procedures and makes information available all the way to the patient's bed.
    By using sensors, IBM SmartRoom identifies healthcare professionals and the patient on the screen, and thus functions as a digital encyclopedia for both patients and healthcare professionals about the hospitalization, procedures, results and the next step.

  • - The digital hospital (EPJ and Clinical logistics)

    The basic idea behind IBM’s solutions for the digital hospital is, that the patient experiences a flexible course of events from hospitalization to discharge. Therefore, the hospitals need smart solutions that power manual processes and use the hospital's resources in the best possible way, as well as electronic medical records. Clinical logistics ensure the right personnel with the right equipment are in the right rooms at the right time.

  • - Smarter maintenance systems and help desks for hospitals

    In hospitals, everything must work - always. IBM Tivoli Maximo is an ideal solution for the healthcare system because it registers all equipment, automatically calls for service checks and maintenance, manages purchasing and warehousing, optimizes the use of service and guarantee agreements and makes help desks more efficient. The solution contributes to greater patient safety and faster work processes for the personnel.

  • - Smarter healthcare administration

    By using IBM's solution for automatic medical record writing, the work procedures at the hospitals can become significantly more efficient. Dictated words are automatically converted into text, and the software recognizes the user's voice and pronunciation and the text can be archived immediately. Thus, healthcare personnel have more time for the patient and can use less time on administrative work.

  • - Digital eye control in the healthcare industry – The Eye Tribe

    IBM supported the company The Eye Tribe in developing a digital eye control solution. The solution is very much in line with IBM Smarter Healthcare initiative and enables for example people with multiple disabilities to communicate again. Tablets, smart phones and computers can be managed by using just your eyes.

  • - International IBM projects within healthcare

    IBM technology predicts and fights pandemics. By using computer power, modeling and advanced analysis tools, researchers are well on their way to being able to identify the source of potential pandemics, and thus predict virus mutations before they occur, and develop vaccines that are specifically intended for these mutations.

    IBM technology predicts diseases in neonatal babies. Enormous volumes of data are analyzed in an exceedingly short time using IBM's new, advance analysis software, and makes it possible for health care professionals to discover potentially life-threatening infections in premature babies up to 24 hours earlier than before.

    Nanomedicine breaks down resistant bacteria. In cooperation with the Institute of
    Bioengineering and Nanotechnology in Singapore, IBM has developed a new, biological,
    biodegradable nanoparticle, which, in the long run, will be much more effective than antibiotics.

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