IBM Client Center

IBM Client Center

IBM Client Center Copenhagen Exhibitions

The IBM Client Center in Copenhagen is the place where you can visually experience IBM's innovative solutions. Explore the live solutions showcased in NY at the 2014 Retail´s biggest show and the brand new IBM Smarter Security exhibition in our new headquarter.


IBM Smarter Commerce exhibition

The world has changed.
Customers are more informed, connected, empowered than before.
Each expects to be engaged in new personalized ways.
Businesses must build systems of engagement to respond to this new level of expectation and deliver seamless, consistent customer experiences.
It's about turning Big Data into personalized communication through social and mobile to engage and influence every customer as an individual.

IBM Smarter Security exhibition

Companies are currently facing some major challenges, associated with the complex nature of IT-security. Data is increasingly available to anyone at any time, everywhere and hackers use more advanced methods to extract our data. Companies lose their overview and control of their continual access points to data and the amount of digital data is exponentially growing as well. On top of this, increasing requirements of security are demanded from the employees and systems, and all actors need to comply with the regulations and laws associated with IT-security.

Explore our newest exhibition IBM Smarter Security and experience how companies can identify the challenges associated with IT-security, monitor their security systems and design their own IT-security systems with IBM’s smarter security solutions.

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