IBM Client Center

IBM Client Center

IBM Client Center is the place to introduce new products, solutions and innovations into the commercial world.

 Kristina Aspenblad, Manager of IBM Client Center

Every year almost 30.000 clients and partners are visiting IBM Client Center, which are located in all Nordic countries. The main reason for their visit is to collaborate with others, build skills, test solutions, attend various events and workshops, see live demonstrations and of course close new deals.

You can connect with all centers in the world from IBM Client Center, as collaboration and teaming is essential for our business to help IBMers and partners to find new customers and strengthen relationships with the existing ones.


We offer you as an IBM Business Partner to become an IBM Client Center Integrated Business Partner. As an integrated partner you get access to our great premises to showcase own solutions or experience the latest innovations of IBM and other partners, that address the challenges your business is facing. You also get access to IBMs powerful knowledge network and the opportunity to partner with IBM Industry Experts, Business Partners, consultants, researchers, developers and potential clients. All together we can deliver a higher Business Value, forming an excellent meeting ground to attract clients, prospects and IBM Business Partners.

  • - The advantages include

In addition, IBM Client centers offer end-to-end event services for your meetings, client events, product announcements and demonstrations along with a range of co-marketing opportunities. Experienced IBM Client center professionals manage your event logistics.