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IBM Point of Sale

Markedsledende POS-teknologi til detaljhandelen og servicesektoren.
IBM har i mer enn 30 år utviklet og designet Point of Sale-teknologi som lever opp til de store drift- og servicekravene som stilles i detaljhandelen.

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Welcome to the new common sign-in for PartnerCommerce and PartnerCommerce/Servers.

Global Retail Store Education (GRSE) develops worldwide education and training solutions for IBM Retail Store Solutions products. Our courses and Web site provide quick and easy access to the resources and information you need.

Conferences and events

Websphere conferences and events

Our 2004 event schedule takes us to every corner of the globe. Wherever your business needs to grow, we will be there to show you how Linux, IBM and our Business Partners can help.

Conferences and events. This calendar is still tentative and subject to changes. Please visit us regularly.

The worldwide IBM Innovation Centers for Business Partners offer a wide range of workshops and technical seminars. Read about our instructors to get information about their background, expertise and experience in the industry.


Ingolf Herlofsen

IBM Sales & Distribution
Retail Sales
BP manager POS Norway

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