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Most people think of IBM as experts in computing. But we also have specialists 
in rock, salt and seawater. Here’s how they’re helping our planet get smarter about managing its oilfields

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We want the brown drop , as it is today

The key elements that need to be addressed when implementing IO are people, technology and organization. In order for companies to achieve and sustain the benefits, it is very important that equal efforts are made in all these three directions:

  1. People: Changes to the asset’s ways of working, between teams, be they offshore, onshore, local or remote will mean changes to the way individuals and groups interact together and will affect a number of people related issues, including individual behaviours, personal relationships and team dynamics. Linked to the Process Element, the real benefits of collaboration will only be realised by paying sufficient attention to the associated people issues. The aim of the People Element is to highlight and address these issues, ensuring the engagement and buy-in of the affected individuals to the new ways of working.
  2. Technology: The role of “technology” in IO is significant but purely as an enabler and means of collaboration. Collaboration relies for its effectiveness on keeping all the members of the team current and potentially connected. Good technology can ensure that this happens. With the increase in potential benefit comes a risk; with inappropriate or inefficient technology comes frustration for the team and eventually a decrease in performance. The aim of the Technology Element is to provide direction and a set of guidelines for achieving the desired collaborative capability.
  3. Organisation: We in IBM are aware and that IO is changing work processes and ways of working. Hence it is important to create an organisational framework that encourages individuals to interact, to work together, to set objectives and to control the performance required to achieve the business objectives. The objective of the Organisation Element is to give insight into how to address the organisational aspects of IO implementation and in particular, the organisation structure (e.g. roles, jobs, accountabilities, reporting) and the supporting HR framework and policies (e.g. terms and conditions) that might otherwise block the successful transformation of working practice.

As enablers to the people-technology-organization IBM sees the following:


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