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Most people think of IBM as experts in computing. But we also have specialists 
in rock, salt and seawater. Here’s how they’re helping our planet get smarter about managing its oilfields

Thought Leadership

  • The innovator’s innovator

    At IBM, we pride ourselves of being the innovator’s innovator. Thinking ahead and outside the box to combine and support business with technology is what drives our research and strategic solutions for our clients. We have delivered innovative solutions to the major players in the petroleum industry, such as ABB, Aker Solutions, BP, ChevronTexaco, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Schlumberger (Western Geco), Halliburton, Gassco, Statoil and Shell.

IBM Institute for Business Value

Leading edge thinking and practical insights for business executives

The IBM Institute for Business Value is comprised of more than 50 consultants who conduct research and analysis across multiple industries and functional disciplines. The institute has a worldwide presence, drawing on consultants in eleven countries to identify issues of global interest and to develop practical recommendations with local relevance.

Recent IBM IBV Chemicals & Petroleum studies:

Oil and gas 2030

Meeting the growing demands for energy in the coming decades

IBM Global Business Services, through the IBM Institute for Business Value, develops fact-based strategic insights for senior executives around critical public and private sector issues. This executive report is based on an in-depth study by the Institute’s research team. It is part of an ongoing commitment by IBM Global Business Services to provide analysis and viewpoints that help companies realize business value.

IBM CIO study for Chemicals and Petroleum – the new voice of the CIO

How are today's chief information officers successfully growing profits for their businesses? The 2009 IBM Global CIO Study explored this and other issues facing CIOs during challenging times.

Smarter Oilfields makes dollars and sense – how innovation powers the intelligent oilfield

Who knew that an oil business is actually an information business? With the intelligent oilfield, you can turn raw data into intelligence to improve the efficiency of your operations by collecting and managing data for better, faster decision-making. The intelligent oilfield solution helps you increase production and optimize existing fields by automatically assessing well conditions, lowering costs by preventing equipment breakdowns and reducing risk by remotely monitoring fields.

Making the Intelligent Oil Field a Reality

This executive brief outlines how the intelligent oil field can drive operational leadership. Learn how production supervisors and other professionals can use consistent, comprehensive and unified information to boost production, quality and safety while reducing errors and compressing decision times.

IBM’s role in a Global C&P Market

Vast global changes

The oil and gas industry face huge global changes. Tight competition in a growing market combined with fewer oil discoveries force companies to reduce their costs and speed up time consuming activities within exploration and production. Oil explorations and production are also broadened to a bigger global context and on remote locations, which stress the need for efficient logistics. On top of that, valuable knowledge is bound to get lost with an ageing work force ready for retirement.

IT plays a crucial role in the new C&P market

These challenges have increased the need for partners in the IT-industry. This is where IBM plays a crucial role. We implement new and innovative technology to face the industry’s challenges. Remote real time supervision and installation management combined with measures to increase productivity, efficiency and avoid production halts are only some of the examples where we can support the oil and gas industry:

  • Of the world’s top 40 oil and gas manufacturers, the 21 largest were IBM customers
  • We have 60,000 consultants around the globe and 3,000 of these are industry specialists
  • We develop and deliver solutions to realize Intelligent Oil Fields (IOF).
  • Based on Integrated Operations, we help clients to discover new oil fields, optimize utilization of existing oil reserves, increase productivity on oil installations, reduce costs and at the same time maintain sound safety routine

Intelligent Oil Fields

Our innovative IT solutions have resulted in the creation of intelligent oil fields: Advanced virtualization technology can collect and analyze vast amounts of data faster and more reliably than ever before. Information can be distributed to the right person in a fast and accurate manner. This provides a better foundation for informative and swift decisions.

3D and 4D improves management

Advanced technology like 3D and 4D seismic solutions can improve the mapping of the reservoir including management and well design.

By having the best offer in innovative technology, products and expertise in the market, IBM is capable of supporting the oil and gas industry and help them face their challenges. As a consequence, oil fields can be better utilized.

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IBM to Help Oil and Gas Companies

Industry consortium developing integrated environmental monitoring system powered by IBM streaming analytics technology

Case studies

Repsol explored data in Barcelona to find new oil deposits in the Gulf of Mexico

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