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Chemicals & Petroleum

Most people think of IBM as experts in computing. But we also have specialists in rock, salt and seawater. Here’s how they’re helping our planet get smarter about managing its oilfields

Chemicals & Petroleum Team

  • We understand, develop and adapt to your business

    The petroleum industry face the same challenges on how to increase productivity and recovery rate for each oilfield, at lower costs and reduced risks, and to do so in harmony with a sustainable future. The C&P Team at the CoE in Stavanger can help them deal with these challenges.

We have an extensive Chemicals & Petroleum practise with deep knowledge about the industry.

We understand your challenges and conduct thorough assessments of how we can best support your company in achieving your goals.

We build upon expertise from our research centres, which is crucial in order to develop innovative methods for new business processes.

We work in many environments that demand different approaches to the market. In dialog with clients in Bahrain one day and with clients Russia the next, we quickly adapt to new challenges. But one thing is constant: the need for cutting-edge technology and services to implement it.
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