IBM Centre of Excellence Stavanger

Chemicals & Petroleum

Bringing together business and technology for smarter production onshore and off-shore

IBM's division for chemicals and petroleum, oil and gas, focus on optimizing your installation infrastructure to give you faster exploration, effective production, better data sharing, and smarter decision-making – on land and at sea. Our solutions are based on cutting edge technology and industry expertise that take into account the bottom-line of both your businessand the environment.

  • Solutions

    Tailor made solutions for the petroleum industry drawing on global experience and research.

  • Centre of Excellence

    Our industry experts at the CoE in Stavanger have deep industry knowledge on of how to extract real-time data, and to work smarter across disciplines, companies and locations.

  • Smarter Oilfield

    See how our expertise, solutions and products have helped other companies in the Chemical & Petroleum industry – from balancing risk to increasing performance.

  • Thought Leadership

    Aiming to become even smarter, we conduct surveys in different industries, to gain industry knowledge and deliver leading edge thinking and practical insights.

  • Industry Spotlight

    Smarter oilfields make dollars and sense – how innovation powers the intelligent oilfield.

  • C&P Team

    The petroleum industry face the same challenges on how to increase productivity and recovery rate for each oilfield, at lower costs and reduced risks, and to do so in harmony with a sustainable future.

  • Global Centres of Excellence

    Throughout the world our highly qualified teams of consultants provide tailor-made solutions for our clients to deal with specific challenges within oil and gas production.


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