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IBM offers IT-Career Conferences and Mentoring for schoolgirls

The growing reliance on information technology in every facet of life requires a highly-skilled workforce prepared to think and lead in new ways. However at the start of the new millennium, we face a shortage of technology workers - a shortage that is expected to increase over the foreseeable future. Many organizations and corporations including IBM, are working, both independently and collaboratively, to address this significant issue. Because the majority of the growth in the work force is projected to come from women, initiatives focused specifically on this group is critical.

IBM is committed to reaching as many young women as possible, specifically in ages 12 to 15, through the Women in Technology Workshops which have been successfully running in several countries since 1999. These workshops were designed with the following objectives:

1. To build awareness of the exciting career opportunities for women in IT
2. To encourage young girls to pursue mathematics and sciences for future careers in IT
3. To give them access to female role models in our industry, and
4. To show young girls that technology can be fun

The Women in Technology (WIT) workshops are ½ day events carried out at local schools.

IBM Nordic plans on opening a WIT-team in each country in order to run IT Workshops in 2002 and beyond. In IBM Nordic we also will extend the conferences with mentoring offered to the participants via e-mail. The mentoring activity is planned to go on for half a year as a follow up after the conference to gain a long term effect.

The WIT-team coordinators in the countries are:

The results of this program will depend on your personal dedication as a volunteer. You are encouraged to contact your local WIT-team coordinator to sign up as a volunteer.

Jens Munch-Hansen
Nordic General Manager