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Executive Management

Through the Executive Interaction Channel, IBM can help you define and solve your most pressing business issues, while also arming you to anticipate emerging opportunities.

Global CEO Study 2008

What will the Enterprise of the Future look like? The findings of the Global CEO study paint a surprisingly similar view of the traits that we believe will be needed for future success.

Global Human Capital Study 2008

Unlocking the DNA of the Adaptable workforce. IBM interviewed over 400 HR executives at organizations from 40 countries to find out how they are adressing their workforce challenges.

The Global CFO Study 2008

Balancing risk and performance within an Integrated Finance Organization. How to balance competing priorities of growth, risk and performance insight, while adding significant value to the business.

Government 2020 and the perpetual collaboration mandate

In developing tailored strategies to address six global trends, governments will need to enact a new kind of intensified, multilayered, multidirectional communication and cooperation that we call perpetual collaboration.

Global Making Change Work Study

This IBM study examines how organizations can manage change and identifies strategies for improving project outcomes. It continues the conversation that began in the CEO Study 2008, regarding forward-thinking companies that are "Hungry for Change.“

IBM and Innovation

IBM Netherlands and the daily Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad joined forces in creating supplements on key innovation topics. The first edition focuses on Sustainability and the second on Mobility.

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Thought leadership

The IBM Institute for Business Value provides thought leadership, strategic insights and recommendations that address critical business challenges.

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