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The Groningen Experience. Imagine where it could take you

Imagine where it could take you

Welcome to the Groningen experience

Welcome to the IBM Services Center Groningen, a wholly owned subsidiary of IBM. This is a new kind of working environment. A fast-paced and dynamic community created to deliver high-value technical services to clients. Buzzing with invention, innovation and a pioneering spirit, it feels like an entrepreneurial start-up, but with the support of the world's largest IT and consulting services company.

The atmosphere is more like a campus than a workplace. Here, people co-operate and learn from each other in an open and collaborative culture. They work closely together to create technologically advanced solutions for leading businesses.

The Center offers a unique experience for talented and ambitious individuals who are keen to build their skills fast. It’s a place for people with real enthusiasm and a passion for IT. People who are always prepared to challenge and ask questions. People who want to explore what’s possible.

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