Wimbledon 2013

Wimbledon 2013: See how IBM serves up Wimbledon

The most social Wimbledon yet?

The Wimbledon Championships have always been one of the great social events of the British summer calendar, especially for those people lucky enough to visit leafy SW19. Increasingly though, the pervasive use of the Internet and smart-devices has made Wimbledon a global social phenomenon, as millions of fans post social media snippets and images across Twitter, Facebook, news sites, blogs and video sites.

As in most areas of society, the inexorable advance of technology is providing organisations with new insights as well as new challenges. For example:

This year at Wimbledon we’re using IBM Content Analytics and other tools to help build a picture of what people are saying about Wimbledon on Twitter. Analysing an average of over 40 tweets per second, we build a picture that aggregates and gauges the social conversation, by applying analytics and natural language processing technologies to tweets throughout the tournament.

The idea is to find and evaluate:

Social Media Analytics helps organisations understand and act upon the commentary about their products, services, campaigns, employees and partners. IBM’s leading analytics platform can analyse millions of social media comments and provide customised results in configurable charts and dashboards.

IBM’s cloud technology can also use this data to better predict demand on the IBM Infrastructure that hosts wimbledon.com.

Social Sentiment


The explosion of social data in all forms from blogs, online forums, Facebook, Twitter and other channels has given consumers a soapbox of unprecedented reach and influence for publicly sharing their thoughts on events, products and services. Business academics and journalists are using sentiment analysis to tap into this social media buzz.

The IBM Social Sentiment Index (US) uses advanced analytics and natural language processing skills to analyse large volumes of social media data in order to understand and assess public opinion. This enables us to gain a better understanding of consumer preferences, likes and dislikes as well as market trends and brand awareness. To help clients apply these technologies IBM has established the Social Sentiment Index to aggregate and gauge public opinion from a range of social media.

The index can measure positive, negative and neutral sentiments shared in public via Twitter®, blogs, message boards and other social media and provide quick insights into consumer conversations about issues, products and services. The software used can distinguish between sarcasm and sincerity, and applies machine learning to identify which commentary is important and which is just background noise.

Through this sentiment analysis, IBM creates realtime public opinion snapshots, identifying trends and gauging how consumers feel about a variety of topics, from retail and sports to movies and traffic conditions.

Business Application

Representing a new and immediate form of market research, social sentiment analysis offers organisations new insights that can help them better understand and respond to consumer trends. IBM’s social sentiment capabilities are delivered on an industry standard big data platform that can access, store and analyse any data regardless of how fast it is moving, what type it is or where it comes from.

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