Wimbledon 2013

Wimbledon 2013: See how IBM serves up Wimbledon

The IBM Kiosk - 3D Printing

Demonstrating the power of analytics

IBM produces an awe-inspiring array of realtime data for Wimbledon, and this year the live statistical streams were brought to life in a unique contest. The IBM Kiosk at Wimbledon combined analysis of player’s match performance (Form) with fans’ opinion of them on social media (Status). Results were constantly updated by live data feeds on the IBM Wimbledon Leaderboard. The top players were then commemorated with the creation of unique souvenir trophies.

These data-driven souvenirs, created onsite at Wimbledon with 3D printing technology, demonstrated how realtime data analytics can help businesses make more insightful decisions and deliver what their customers really want.

Using analytics to see the bigger picture


IBM analyses eight years of Grand Slam data from over 41 million data points, to work out each player’s key performance indicators. Known as ‘Keys to the Match’, these predict what a player needs to do to succeed in a match in relation to a specific opponent.

Players’ performance against their Keys will determined their Form on the Leaderboard.

IBM’s SlamTracker provides a wealth of live scores and statistics during Wimbledon. In this video, IBM IT Specialist David Provan and Client Technical Advisor Siobhan Nicholson outline how SlamTracker has given fans a much deeper view of the game of tennis. Using graphics to present detailed statistics in an attractive and easy to read way, SlamTracker can give fans, players and broadcasters new perspectives through which to enjoy and assess the game.

Watch the video.

Watch the video. (00:02:24)


The IBM Wimbledon Leaderboard also rated players according to the positive mentions they receive on social media. Thousands of fans’ tweets will be analysed using sentiment tracking, to gauge how they feel about each player.

The percentage of positive tweets about a player determined their Status on the Leaderboard.

Listen to IBM Kiosk Manager Sophie Lindström and Senior 3D Printing Technician Dave Marks explain how the system worked, and share some of the trophies that were created during the tournament.

Watch the video.

Watch the video. (00:01:51)

Making business sense of Big Data

IBM’s data-driven souvenirs combine insights about the players’ performance on the court with how they are perceived by fans off the court. They are a great visual demonstration of how data analytics can be a game changer for fans and players but also for business.

By mining new data sources like social media and then turning this raw information into rewarding insights, smarter analytics can enable businesses to understand their customers better than ever before, and deliver relevant services or products at the right time. Data drives the tournament but it also drives business.

Discover the difference that IBM Smarter Analytics could make to your business by reading the IBM white paper - Game, set and perfect match. Wimbledon and IBM