Wimbledon 2013

Wimbledon 2013: See how IBM serves up Wimbledon

Digital platforms enhance the fan experience

IBM and The All England Club launched one of the world’s first Smartphone apps to include live sports data on the iPhone in 2009. Since then, the use of mobile technology to follow sport has grown phenomenally and in 2013 around 1.8 million of the IBM-developed Wimbledon apps were downloaded. We also saw over 55% of views to wimbledon.com were from mobile devices up from 40% in 2012. The Smartphone apps, which this year include preferences and player alerts, are great Championships companions especially whilst on the move.

As well as updated phone apps for 2013, the All England Club and IBM launched the first Wimbledon app specifically designed for the iPad. This app will further support the club in their objective of extending the reach and exposure of The Championships by delivering high quality content in an integrated way across a range of platforms.

The Wimbledon iPad app is a rich media companion for The Championships, presenting the event in the setting of Wimbledon's traditional and beautiful grounds.

Using the iPad touch screen, fans can explore Wimbledon as never before, using interactive, visually stunning aerial views containing content as it appears to the fan on the ground. The fan can click each appropriate hotspot to view a wide range of rich media including:

The app also contains player profiles, favourite player performance alerts, an overview of Wimbledon's future developments and the official online shop.