Wimbledon 2013

Wimbledon 2013: See how IBM serves up Wimbledon

Data and Predictive analytics enhance the fan experience

IBM SlamTracker™ is a realtime statistics and data visualisation platform that leverages IBM's predictive analytics technology. It provides an ‘at a glance’ visual representation of a match using scores and statistics and encourages fans to get more involved by interacting with the data to gain deeper insight into the game.

IBM SlamTracker™ analyses over eight years of Grand Slam data (over 41 million data points), to identify patterns in players and their styles. Before each match, IBM analyses historical matches between the players (or between players of similar styles if the players in question have not met before). This analysis identifies key performance indicators – what players need to do in order to do well in a match – known as 'Keys to the Match'. During the match, each player’s performance is measured against his or her keys and updated in realtime on wimbledon.com, providing fans with a deeper level of insight as the match unfolds.

Social media insights and analytics enhance efficiency and the Wimbledon experience IBM solutions increase engagement with the Wimbledon Tennis Championships

SlamTracker™ has been upgraded with improved visualisations of key match statistics, making it easier for fans to follow and analyse who has the most Aces, First Serves and much more.

Also new this year: IBM added a social media element to SlamTracker allowing fans and players to compare what the world is saying about a player on Twitter against his or her performance on Court. Knowing what your fan base is saying about you can help a player in their work with various media commitments. In business, knowing what your clients are saying about you at key moments such as new product introductions can be invaluable too.

IBM SlamTracker
IBM SlamTracker

Far, farther, farthest?

In 2011 and 2012, IBM trialled SecondSight, which for the first time enabled us to track the direction, speed and distance of players as they moved about the court. This year we are now able to track this data on the 4 show courts. This generates additional data that can be used to evaluate and enhance player performance as well as giving fans additional visual cues as to how the match is progressing. This year, IBM provided additional graphics to the BBC giving them the ability to show the distance players have run by point, match and set, to enhance their coverage and give greater insight to fans of the game.