Wimbledon 2014. Serving up 25 years of exceptional fan experiences.Wimbledon 2014

Serving up 25 years of exceptional fan experiences

Tennis made with data – Made with IBM

Have you ever wondered how a point captured on Centre Court at Wimbledon is transmitted to the other side of the world to arrive on a tablet device in Sydney in around four seconds?

In that four second period IBM captures the score using highly trained tennis analysts, provides realtime statistics updates to media and commentators and transmits it around the grounds.

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The insights we capture are also used to update millions of mobile devices around the globe. We capture social media reaction and use the same data to dynamically allocate just the right amount of capacity to our web environment.

All enabled by IBM with Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social.


IBM SlamTracker™ puts fans in the shoes of a tennis coach. It provides realtime updates on match statistics and an at a glance dashboard view into the data behind the games. By analysing over eight years of Grand Slam data (over 41 million data points), we can also identify patterns in players' styles and see the "Keys to the match", the tactics and strategies that can help the players win.

Social business

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Wimbledon is a global social phenomenon and not just because of the strawberries and cream. The on-line conversation has exploded increasing over 100% year to year. IBM analyse every tweet in realtime to understand what is being said about Wimbledon and their product - The Championships. With insights they can rapidly respond to tailor their digital content and give fans a more engaging experience.


Wimbledon's award winning digital platforms allowed a record breaking 63 million visitors to access the excitement of The Championship in 2014. Use of mobile devices to access wimbledon.com has continually increased and now accounts for over 50 per cent of all page views, a trend IBM and the club anticipated. By providing a high quality and tailored experience across all devices (mobile, smartphone apps and ipad) they help increase the global reach and exposure of their brand.

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At its heart Wimbledon is a private members' tennis club that for 50 weeks of the year is like many mid-sized businesses. For 2 weeks of the year it needs to cope with spikes in demand very few organisations have to deal with, scaling its web infrastructure over 100 times. During The Championships, the Club uses IBM's SmartCloud to help predict and respond to demand efficiently and effectively to always deliver a fantastic fan experience.