Watson is going to work.

IBM Watson won Jeopardy! in 2011. Now, the advanced cognitive system is reading and analysing vast amounts of industry data, and answering even bigger questions.

Watson is transforming customer service.

Watson is transforming customer service.

Companies will put Watson to work, helping operators answer customer questions more effectively.Learn more

Watson is helping
doctors fight cancer.

Watson is helping doctors fight cancer.

Watson is going to work with doctors, helping oncologists treat patients.Learn more

Challenges in the finance industry

Financial services firms face some of the most complex information challenges in business today. The amount of information available to support decision making is staggering. Reuters publishes 9000 pages of financial news every day. Wall Street analysts produce five research documents every minute. Financial services professionals receive hundreds of e-mails a day. And these firms have access to data about millions of transactions.

The problems you address are complex as well. An investment advisor wants to be able to confidently recommend investments and portfolio changes. Evaluating an investment target requires looking at a wide range of data and interrelated factors.

Financial services professionals need assistance in consuming and analysing available data to improve decision making.

How Watson can address finance challenges

IBM is partnering with financial institutions to teach Watson the business of retail and institutional banking. The ability to consume vast amounts of information to identify patterns and make informed hypotheses naturally make Watson an excellent solution to help make informed decisions about investment choices, trading patterns and risk management.

Watson is being designed as the ultimate financial services assistant, capable of performing deep content analysis and evidence-based reasoning to accelerate and improve decisions, reduce operational costs, and optimise outcomes.

In a bank, an advisor can use Watson to make better recommendations for financial products to customers based on comprehensive analysis of market conditions, the client's past decisions, recent life events, and available offerings.

The ability to take context into account during the hypothesis generation and scoring phases of the processing pipeline allows Watson to address these complex financial services problems and assist financial services professionals in making better decisions.

Next steps

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