Watson is going to work.

IBM Watson won Jeopardy! in 2011. Now, the advanced cognitive system is reading and analysing vast amounts of industry data, and answering even bigger questions.

Watson is transforming customer service.

Watson is transforming customer service.

Companies will put Watson to work, helping operators answer customer questions more effectively.Learn more

Watson is helping
doctors fight cancer.

Watson is helping doctors fight cancer.

Watson is going to work with doctors, helping oncologists treat patients.Learn more

IBM is putting Watson to work beginning with pilots with forward-looking organisations in healthcare and finance and expanding into new use cases in the future. What makes Watson different from other systems and how is it being put to work? Learn more here.

What makes Watson different

The first task Watson addressed was winning on Jeopardy!. But Watson is about much more than a game show. The same characteristics that made Watson successful on TV can help you solve important problems in your industry.

Watson for engagement

  • Organisations across industries face higher expectations than ever from their customers. Watson can help them know, engage, and empower their customers to build stronger relationships.

Watson in healthcare

  • Medical information doubles every five years. According to a recent estimate, one in five patients is diagnosed incorrectly or incompletely. Watson can help healthcare organisations use and analyse all available data to improve patient outcomes while also making processes more efficient.

Watson in finance

  • Bank data grows an average of 20 to 30 percent per year and in some banks as much as 50% per year. Financial services companies are using only a fraction of available information to help drive better investment decisions and customer service. Watson can help analyse vast amounts of unstructured data to improve credit decisions, investment analysis and risk management.

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