Protecting the People

The first duty of a government is to protect its citizens.

TheSmarterCity is like every city on the planet – it has crime, fires break out, natural disasters occur.

It even has the occasional fender bender.

And, like every other city on the planet, the resources to address these incidents are limited.

The problem was everywhere because the data was everywhere.

Valuable data was trapped at the site.

Inefficient legacy IT systems made it difficult for police, firefighters,

and ambulance and hospital personnel to share information.

A few solutions come easily to mind.

Why not just put more officers on more shifts?

Or buy a bunch of new ambulances and fire trucks?

Again, like every city on the planet,

TheSmarterCity can't spend its way to a safer city.

What can it do?

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Connecting First Responders

Welcome to the TheSmarterCity Integrated Incident Response Center.

Like the multi-agency command hubs in New York City, Chicago, and Madrid,

the Response Center helps the SmarterCity's first responders coordinate

their efforts and keep the city safer.

A 911 call comes in.

The system can simultaneously alert police, the ambulance service and if necessary, the fire brigade.

The system is smart enough to recognize if alerts from several different sources

relate to a single incident or multiple incidents,

and can contact the right resources based on the information coming from the scene.

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3000 Eyewitnesses

Today, 911 dispatchers in TheSmarterCity have access to video from a multitude

of smart cameras,

giving operators "eyes-on-the-scene" in the vicinity of an incident.

The video image they receive helps them dispatch exactly the right services immediately.

The system can protect citizens' privacy by blurring individuals' faces

unless an incident is detected —

at which point the authorized police personnel can see the complete image.

Investigators back at the Response Center can query millions of pieces of information

to help uncover previously unknown points of connection.

Turns out, they've seen this guy before.

Integrated crime information can be delivered in real time,

so officers know what they're responding to and an arrest can be made in a safe manner.

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A Safer City

Every incident that occurs in the city generates data.

In TheSmarterCity, that data can be gathered, analyzed, and compared to past events.

Gather enough data and patterns emerge. Patterns lead to insights.

Insights that can help public safety officials make smarter decisions on what protocols to enact,

what resources are available and where they should be deployed.

Response times can go down, crime can go down,

citizens, property and infrastructure can be made more secure

and the city can become safer.

Instead of merely responding to crimes and emergencies,

the people who help keep TheSmarterCity safe are actually working

to anticipate and prevent them.

That's why a smarter city is a safer city.

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